Marx Parts

Number Description Price Order
M1666/SC Inner Smoke Cap for Marx Steam Locos $5.50 Order
MARX-1666 Boiler Front Complete w/Lamp Contact and Bulb $5.50 Order
MARX-BET-03 Studebaker Automobile RED $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-04 Studebaker Automobile GREEN $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-05 Studebaker Automobile BLUE $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-050 Top Motor Shoulder Bolt for 6000 Southern Pac & 62 B&O $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-06 Studebaker Automobile YELLOW $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-069 Diesel Step (Specify Road Name & Color) $2.00 Order
MARX-BET-07 American Panel Delivery Truck Silver/Gray $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-08 American Panel Delivery Truck Yellow $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-09 American Panel Delivery Truck Green $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-10 American Panel Delivery Truck Red $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-109 Coupler Spring Prewar "One Way" $2.00 Order
MARX-BET-128 Decal For Wedge Tender / White, Clear Background / Pennsylvania / Peel & Stick / Pair / 2-1/4" X 1/4" $4.25 Order
MARX-BET-132 E-7 Diesel Light Bracket $11.00 Order
MARX-BET-139 Traction Tire For Diesel Grooved Wheel $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-143 Decal / Canadian Pac / Red & Black / Trim, Peel & Stick / Pair $5.50 Order
MARX-BET-15 Brush Spring, Fits Most MARX Except Very Early $2.25 Order
MARX-BET-16 Plastic Knuckle Coupler for 6" Cars $2.75 Order
MARX-BET-161R Boxcar Door Guide Replacement Black Plastic w/Pins $0.75 Order
MARX-BET-166C Bulb Button Shape 14V Clear for Early Engines $4.75 Order
MARX-BET-172 Oil Felt Wick for Brush Plate $0.50 Order
MARX-BET-19 Plastic Tilt Coupler for Cars $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-195 3/16 Scale Truck Wheels Black $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-207 Postwar Pickup Insulator Plate with Center Post $4.00 Order
MARX-BET-221 Tab and Slot Coupler (twist type) for Windup $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-223 MARX Coupler Spring for Short Metal Tilt Auto Type 'D' Trucks $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-22Y Boxcar Door Plastic Yellow $4.00 Order
MARX-BET-243 Postwar Pickup Shoe Only (For Center Pin) $4.00 Order
MARX-BET-243C Postwar Pickup Assy. Complete $9.50 Order
MARX-BET-244 Metal Tilt-automatic coupler / use number BET-59 spring with this coupler $4.25 Order
MARX-BET-247 Siderod with Crosshead, used on 999 and CP Engines $6.50 Order
MARX-BET-248 MARX postwar axle bushing (single bearing) $2.50 Order
MARX-BET-25B Gondola End Plastic Black $2.25 Order
MARX-BET-27 Diesel Horn Black Plastic for E-7 and GE 70 Ton and Metal Diesels $1.50 Order
MARX-BET-272 Straight Side Rod for Commodore Vanderbilt (can be trimmed for others) $3.50 Order
MARX-BET-29 Diesel Horn Black Plastic S-3 1998 $2.00 Order
MARX-BET-30 Clockwork Key, Square Stock for MARX Windup Locos $7.00 Order
MARX-BET-353 Siderod Guide, used on 999 and CP Engines $2.25 Order
MARX-BET-362 Brown Crate for Load $2.25 Order
MARX-BET-362A /USAX Brown Crate for Load $2.25 Order
MARX-BET-368 1 1/2" Accessory Rail Clip For Momentary Contact - For Flashing Signals and Bells - 1 Clip (2 required for flashing signal) $5.00 Order
MARX-BET-38A Nickel Marker Housing w/Green Lenses Pair (for Canadian Pacific) $3.75 Order
MARX-BET-391 Prewar Pickup Shoe $3.50 Order
MARX-BET-409 Metal Floodlight and Yoke Assy, used on Towers and Metal Flatcars $7.50 Order
MARX-BET-412 Axle, Scale Type B (A,E and F Trucks) $0.75 Order
MARX-BET-44 Nickel Smokestack (for Mercury and Commodore Vand) no lens $4.25 Order
MARX-BET-44A Nickel Smokestack 'Closed' for Windup $4.25 Order
MARX-BET-47 Brass Bolt for 999 and 666 Rear Trucks $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-53 Plastic Side Frame for Diesel Silver $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-57 Spring for Single Pickup Assy. $0.75 Order
MARX-BET-58 Type 'B' 3/16 Scale Trucks Coupler Spring $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-59 MARX Coupler Spring #18 and #19 Plastic Tilt Auto Type Truck $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-59A MARX Coupler Spring #244 Metal Tilt Auto Type $1.25 Order
MARX-BET-71 Rivet for MARX Plastic Couplers and 4 Wheel Plastic cars $0.65 Order
MARX-BET-72 Steam Traction Tire for Grooved Baldwin Wheel $2.50 Order
MARX-BET-81 Window Figure Strips, for 11 (Observation 1 Piece) $15.00 Order
MARX-BET-82 Window Figure Strips, for 11 (2 Pieces) $15.00 Order
MARX-BET-GRO Marx Accessory Terminal Complete Ground Side $1.00 Order
MARX-BET-HOT Marx Accessory Terminal Complete Power Side w/insulators $1.50 Order
MARX-BET-MB1 MARX Brush Most Steam and Diesels $1.00 Order
MARX-BET-SS Smoke Stack 591,833,897,898,994 *USED* $3.00 Order
MARX-BET-X011 Water Tower Ladder Nickel 10 3/4" $4.00 Order
MARX-BET-X012 Bubble Tube for Water Tower $15.50 Order
MARX-BRT Beacon Top Complete. Marx Style $16.00 Order
MARX-HCB Marx Hand Car Man, Blue $15.00 Order
MARX-HCC Marx Hand Car Crossbeam $4.50 Order
MARX-NYC Decal, White for Tin Plate Tender "NEW YORK CENTRAL" w/Marlines Logo (Decal is Peel 'n' Stick) PAIR $10.00 Order
MARX-PWB Bushing for Post War Steam $1.25 Order

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