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Old Style




000-2000400ARRivet For K3000 Series Eccentric Arm to Crank Also Arm to Body USE K3000-M023$0.80Order
0000-1020-102Screw 2 x 3/8 Flat Head Phillips$0.20Order
0000-1070-107Screw 4 x 3/8 Phillips Head$0.40Order
0000-1170-117Screw 8 x 1$0.50Order
0000-1230-123Screw 2 x 1/2$0.50Order
0000-WSD0-WSDElectronic Set Round "L" Water Sol Decals 10 Piece Set (20 Decals) All Colors$35.00Order
0000-wsd0-WSDElectronic Round "L" Decals 5 pieces set$25.00Order
0001-001Book, Operating 0 and 027 Trains$9.95Order
0001-0481-48Brush Spring$0.75Order
0001-0921-92Prewar Motor Brush For Most 0 Gauge Shorter Than Postwar$1.00Order
0001-OCWS1-OCWSFork Terminal for Remote Control Boxes / Solderless$0.25Order
0002-0172-17Brush Build-A-Loco$1.00Order
0002-0312-31Contact Shoe Thumb Screw BAL$3.50Order
0002-0392-39Build A Loco Axle Bushing$3.00Order
0002-0CW2-CWLine Cord for Transformers by the Foot 2 Cond 16 Gauge$0.75Order
0002-0CWA2-CWA2 Conductor Wire Red and Black 24 AWG Per Foot$0.45Order
0002-1012-101Super Motor Brush Spring Set RH & LH$7.50Order
0002-1112-111Lock Washer Split #6$0.30Order
0003-0CW3-CW3 Conductor Wire Per Foot Like Original$0.85Order
0004-0034-3Screw for General Smoke Screen$0.75Order
0004-0CW4-CW4 Conductor Wire Per Foot Like Original$0.90Order
0004-920S Gauge Track Pins, Dz.$1.95Order
0004-CWAF4 Conductor Wire Black Red Yellow and Green 22Ga Stranded$1.00Order
0005-0CW5 Conductor Wire Per Foot $0.60Order
0005-0CWA5-CWA5 Cond Wire Gray for 282 Gantry Crane Per Foot$1.00Order
0005-0CWM5 Con Wire Blue/Yellow/Green/Red/Black Ribbon Per Foot 24Ga Stranded$0.80Order
0006-0CW6-CW6 Conductor Wire Black Ribbon per foot$1.15Order
0007-002Terminal Nut for Transformers 1144 and some TW$2.00Order
0008-0228-22Reverse Handle Brass for Manual Wafer Style Reverse$3.00Order
001-140250NPBScrew for Gold Chain$0.25Order
001-17030DPBScrew for Brake Wheels$0.25Order
001-17080DPBScrew Black Appx 7 mm x 1 mm Phillips$0.25Order
001-19045DR4Drive Screw Black Small for Door Guides ETC 4 mm x 2mm$0.10Order
001-20050NPMScrew 5mm x 1mm Phillips Hd Blk F-7 PC Board Switch$0.25Order
001-20070MPMScrew for Steam Engine PC Board$0.25Order
001-23035DPBScrew Phillips Hd 3mm x 2mm Blk for K4400 Large Step$0.25Order
001-23050DPAScrew Course Thd 4mm Blk For K4400 Sml Steps Rollers$0.25Order
001-23080DPAScrew for Base of Truck K4500s$0.25Order
001-25060DPMScrew Course Thd 5mm Phillips Hd Blk for K4500 Roller Assy$0.25Order
001-25060DPSScrew for K4500 Terminal$0.25Order
001-260Hex Nut 5mm OD 2mm ID$0.20Order
001-26040DFMScrew Flat Head Phillips 3mm x 2mm Black$0.25Order
001-26040NFMScrew Flat Hd Phillips 3mm x 2mm Nickel for 2200-E002 Motor$0.25Order
001-26050DPMScrew 5mm Long x 2mm Fine Thread Black Phillips$0.25Order
001-26060DFMScrew for Die Cast Hopper Flat Head Phillips Black$0.25Order
001-26080DBBScrew Black $0.25Order
001-26080NPAScrew for PC Board Mtg Bracket$0.25Order
001-26100DPMScrew Black Phillips Head 9mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-26120DPMScrew Phillips Small Pan Head Black 11mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-30050DFMScrew Small Flat Phillips Head Black 3mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-30060NPTScrew Nickel 6mm Long 2mm Wide Course Thread$0.25Order
001-35050DPMScrew Blk Phil Rnd Hd 5mm L x 4mm W for Trck Side Frame$0.25Order
001-35080DPTScrew Phillips Hd Blk 8mm x 3mm Course Thread for K3000 Tenders and Weights$0.25Order
001-3DNUTNut Black for Ground Screw on Stream Line Trucks$0.25Order
0011-01111-11O Gauge Fiber Pin (1)$0.35Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30112-301Lamp 2 pin 6 v. Red$5.00Order
0012-30212-302Lamp, 2 pin, 6 v. Green$5.00Order
0018-00418-4Hook Coupler With Ears All Standard Except #33$1.25Order
0019-30019-300Lamp 2 pin 14 v Clear$5.00Order
0019-30119-301Lamp 2 Pin 14V Red Opaque$5.00Order
0019-30219-302Lamp 2 pin 14 v Green Opaque $5.00Order
0019-30319-303Lamp 2 pin 14 v. Frosted$5.50Order
001M-0321M-32Brush Spring$1.20Order
001M-0331M-33Brush $1.25Order
0020-022R20-22RCircuit Breaker Repro$10.00Order
0020-02320-23Circuit Breaker Contact Adjustment Screw KW,1032,1033$2.50Order
0020-03120-31KW Bottom Handle w/o Knob$18.00Order
0020-03620-36Spacer Disc KW$2.00Order
0020-03720-37KW, Top handle w/o Knob or Plate$18.00Order
0020-03920-39A Cap for Knob KW$2.00Order
0020-04020-40Knob for KW No Cap$2.00Order
0020-04120-41B Cap for Knob KW$2.00Order
0020-04320-43Push Button Rod$0.85Order
0020-04420-44Insulating Washer$1.50Order
0020-05020-50KW Nameplate$4.00Order
0020-06320-63Switch Assy$7.50Order
0020-06920-69Switch Rivet$3.50Order
0020-070A20-70ASwitch Shaft Bronze Guaranteed Never to Break$15.00Order
0020-07220-72Speed Nut$0.50Order
0020-09320-93Oval Head Black Phillips Cover Screw Long$1.50Order
0020-10220-102KW A Knob Assy. Complete$4.20Order
0020-10320-103KW B Knob Assy. Complete$4.25Order
0020-14120-141Black Push Button Original KW$2.50Order
00207Williams O-27 Uncoupling Opperating Track Section (Not with Slider Shoe Rails) (Works with Lionel Tubular O-27) $17.99Order
0021-00221-2TW Handle Black$18.00Order
0021-00621-6Green Lens Cap$6.00Order
0021-00921-9TW Nameplate Repro$4.00Order
0021-03421-34Terminal Plate Assy Unused MH LTD Also as 21-101$15.00Order
0021-09521-95TW Handle Orange$18.00Order
00217217Williams O-Gauge Uncoupling Operating Track Section (Not with Slider Shoe Rails) (Works with Lionel O Tubular Track)$19.99Order
0022-01222-12Spring for LW Transformer$1.00Order
0022-01322-13Push Rod For LW$0.20Order
0022-03622-36Drive Screw 0x3/16$0.30Order
0022-06222-62Drive Stud for LW Dial$1.20Order
0022-06422-64Tension Washer$1.25Order
0022-06722-67Rectifier Lug$0.50Order
0022-08522-85Control Handle Complete Black with Green Lens for LW$12.00Order
0022-08622-86Green L Cap for LW$3.50Order
0022-09722-97Tension Washer$0.50Order
0024-00424-4OTC Aux Rail Clip$0.50Order
00248Bulb Clear 12 Volt Bayonet Base 1 Bulb$0.30Order
0025-01925-19Solder Lug SW Transformer$0.20Order
0025-03025-30SW HandleBlack with White Arrow$6.00Order
00251Smoke Fluid Williams by Bachmann 4.5 oz (135 ml)$10.99Order
0027-00327-3Bulb Clear 14 Volt Large Globe Screw Base$1.00Order
0028-00628-6Red Bulb Opaque Large Globe Screw Base 18 Volt$1.75Order
0030-00630-6Roof for Water Tower Gray (Center Hole Not Drilled)$18.00Order
0030-01830-18Shoulder Washer$2.00Order
0031-00531-5Super O Pin Repro Steel (1 pin)$0.20Order
0031-00731-7Super O Bus Connector Copper$0.80Order
0031-007ASuper O Bus Conn Orig.$0.75Order
0031-04531-45Super O Bus Conn. USE 0031-007$0.80Order
0032-032Fiber Conversion Pin Super O to O Gauge$0.15Order
0033-00533-5Step 3 Hole for 33 34 38 42 etc$3.50Order
0033-00933-9Brass Perforated Grill for 33 and 38$2.25Order
0033-01433-14Hook Coupler Short for 33, 38 etc$1.50Order
0035-00435-4Lamp Canopy Silver W/Holes Repro Plastic$1.00Order
0035-00535-5Lamp Shade Repro$1.00Order
0035-01435-14Drive Screw 2x3/8 Silver Round Head$0.30Order
0035-014A35-14ADrive Screw 2x3/8 Black Hex Head$0.30Order
0035-02435-24Lamp Top Finial Brass$0.75Order
0035-024A35-24ALamp Top Finial Nickel$0.90Order
0035-02535-25Lamp Post Cap Bracket$1.50Order
0035-03635-363 Hole Pass Car Step Brass Solder on for 19 190 30 Series$2.00Order
0037-01437-14Rivet 2 x 3/16$0.30Order
0038-01738-17Spring Early Type$0.30Order
0038-01838-18Connecting Rod Screw for Standard Gauge For # 38 and 42$0.75Order
0038-01938-19Connecting Rod for Standard Gauge For # 5 6 7 38 42 53 & 54$2.50Order
0038-04538-45Water Spout$8.00Order
0038-04838-48Spout Shield Metal$3.00Order
0038-06538-65Acorn nut Black / Water Tower Roof Nut$0.50Order
0038-HRS38-HRSEarly Solder on Handrail Stanchion For 33 38 42 etc$0.75Order
0038-P1338P-13Gear, Slotted for #38 Watertower Postwar Armature Side$2.50Order
004-Y1305-1Washer Clear Plastic$0.10Order
0041-00841-8Thrust Bearing$1.50Order
0041-01241-12Worm Wheel Pitch Runs Low Left to High Right$5.50Order
0041-01541-15Idler Gear$0.60Order
0041-01841-18Collector Assy Old 41-20$12.00Order
0041-02041-20Collector Arm Assy Only for Complete$4.30Order
0041-02141-21Collector Arm$4.20Order
0041-02341-23Collector Roller Pin$0.35Order
0041-02441-24Collector Spring$0.30Order
0041-02541-25Collector Arm Pin$0.30Order
0041-02641-26Collector Insulation$0.50Order
0041-02741-27Rear Bearing$0.70Order
0041-02841-28Field Assembly Single Wound$16.50Order
0041-04641-46Ornamental Brake$2.40Order
0041-05441-54Coupler Truck Armature Rivet$0.25Order
0041-06541-65Side Rail, Repro$3.00Order
0041-06941-69Handrail Rivet .085/.088 X .140 LONG$0.25Order
0041-07141-71Worm Wheel Helical Gear Pitch Runs High Left to Low Right$3.20Order
0041-07541-75Side Rod Screw W/Grooved Head$0.75Order
0041-07841-78Brush Plate Complete with Brush Springs and Brushes$12.00Order
0041-07941-79Side Rod$2.80Order
0041-08441-84Drive Wheel and Axle Assy$5.00Order
0041-08741-87End Rail W/ High Rail$10.50Order
0041-09141-91Coupler Truck Assy. Complete Used (CALL)$0.00
0043-00643-6Tiedown Brass Clete for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$5.00Order
0043-014B43-14BHeadlight Brass no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
0043-014N43-14NHeadlight Nickel no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
0043-05743-57People Painted for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$30.00Order
0043-67-6843-67-68Flag and Flagpole for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$15.00Order
0044-01444-14Spring / Plunger / Postwar$0.40Order
0044-08044-80Rocket White$1.00Order
0045-01445-14Return Spring$1.00Order
0045-05845-58Solder Lug$0.30Order
0045-07045-70Drive Screw 00x3/16$0.30Order
0045-07345-73Lockwasher #4 Black$0.30Order
0050-00750-7Wheel and Plain Axle Assy$1.25Order
0050-01050-10Wheel and Swedged Axle Assy$1.50Order
0050-01850-18Collector Brkt$0.60Order
0050-01950-19Collector Spring$1.00Order
0050-02150-21Collector Insulation$0.30Order
0050-02450-24Ground Spring$0.24Order
0050-02850-28Reversing Slide$4.75Order
0050-02950-29Spring Contact$0.24Order
0050-03050-30Blue Bumper USE 0050-031$2.50Order
0050-03150-31Bumper Blue Repro$4.50Order
0050-03650-36End Hand Rail for Gang Car$2.00Order
0050-03850-38Contact Plate Assy$2.00Order
0050-03950-39Insulation Plate$0.30Order
0050-04250-42Field Assy Double Wound$30.00Order
0050-04750-47Field Stud$1.10Order
0050-05050-50Armature Assy$28.10Order
0050-05650-56Thrust Collar$2.50Order
0050-05850-58Brushplate *Used* for Trolley w/Ball Bearing$10.00Order
0050-06350-63Bearing Pin$0.40Order
0050-06550-65Pinion Shaft Assy for Gang Car$4.20Order
0050-07650-76Crewman Blue Sub 0050-084$3.00Order
0050-083BBlue Crewman Rotating Like Original$2.50Order
0050-083GGreen Crewman Rotating Like Original$3.00Order
0050-08450-84Blue Crewman Sitting Repro Like Original$3.00Order
0050-084A50-84AGreen Crewman Sitting Repro Like Original$3.00Order
0050-10050-100Horn Metal Nickel Plated$1.50Order
0050-100A50-100AHorn Plastic Plated$3.00Order
0050-10250-102Ball Bearing$0.30Order
0050-30050-300Lamp Clear Screw Base 6-8 Volts Old #156-13$1.25Order
0050-30150-301Bulb 7.5v Red Opaque$1.50Order
0050-301A50-301ABulb 7.5 V Clear Red$1.50Order
0050-30250-302Bulb 7.5v Green Opaque$1.50Order
0050-302A50-302ABulb 7.5 V Clear Green$1.50Order
0051-00551-5Small Side Rail Black$1.50Order
0051-06051-60End Rail$8.00Order
0051-06651-66Side Rail Plow$2.20Order
0051-30051-300Lamp Clear 7.5V Old Q-90 L-51 Bayonet Base$0.95Order
0052-00552-5Outrigger White Same Use 8470-020$4.00Order
0052-00652-6Spool Bracket New Lionel No 600-0052-005$1.50Order
0052-00752-7Fire Car Seat / White$3.00Order
0052-01052-10Hose with Mtg Tips No Nozzle$1.15Order
0052-01352-13Hose Nozzle$1.35Order
0052-01952-19Lamp Isolation Pad$1.50Order
0052-02052-20Outrigger White Same *USE 8470-020*$1.20Order
0052-02652-26Fireman Blue with Red Hat *USE 8411-054*$4.00Order
0052-026R52-26RFireman Black with Red Hat $3.00Order
0052-029Cab Front Tuscan$8.00Order
0052-03152-31Shaft No Pinion $0.40Order
0052-03152-31Shaft No Pinion $0.40Order
0052-03552-35Bumper Black Stripes Not Stamped$1.50Order
0052-04052-40Red Jewel Cap$0.50Order
0052-04252-42Frame W/Whls *USE 8444-023*$60.00Order
0052-04252-42Lantern Retainer$3.60Order
0053-01453-14Plain Truck Assy$4.60Order
0053-30053-300Lamp 14v Clear Bayonet Old L53$1.00Order
0053-300X53-300XLamp 14v Clear Bayonet X Mark Originals MH Old L53 Heavy Duty$1.75Order
0053-30153-301Lamp 14 v Red Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-301A53-301ALamp 14 v Red Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-30253-302Lamp 14 v Green Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-302A53-302ALamp 14 v Green Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0054-00954-9Plain Wheel and Axle Assy$2.80Order
0054-01054-10Gear 14 Tooth$0.50Order
0054-01154-11Gear 28 Tooth$0.50Order
0054-01354-13O-Ring Ballast Tamper$1.00Order
0054-01654-16Contact Roller Housing$0.20Order
0054-01754-17Roller Contact Spring$0.65Order
0054-02054-20Cam Shaft$10.00Order
0054-02354-23Gear 28 Tooth, Metal$0.50Order
0054-02754-27Worm Wheel 40 Tooth$2.20Order
0054-03354-33Toggle Spring$0.50Order
0054-05354-53Contact Spring and Lead Assy$1.10Order
0055-00555-5Tie for Tie Jector$0.60Order
0055-00955-9Cab Front for Tie Jector Black Plastic Repro$10.00Order
0055-02855-28Coupler Non-Operating$2.00Order
0055-30055-300Bulb, Bayonet Large Globe for Smoking Caboose 7 Volt$0.75Order
0056-00256-2Gas Lamp Lens Celluloid Chimney For 56 Lamp Post$2.00Order
0056-00356-3Side Handrail Long White for 42 56 58$3.25Order
0056-00456-4Side Handrail Short White for 42 56 58$2.00Order
0057-01557-15Hood Top Ornamental Finial for 57 Lamppost Brass$3.00Order
0057-01857-18Lens for 57 Lamp Post Broadway Mainstreet$4.50Order
0057-02257-22Bracket with Threaded top for 57 Lamppost$3.00Order
0057-02357-23Hood Top for 57 Lamppost Unpainted$4.00Order
0057-02557-25Wire and Washer Assy 8 inch Lead$1.20Order
0057-30057-300Lamp 12-16 v. Clear G4.5$1.25Order
0057-300L57-300LLED Replacement Bulb Bayonet Clear 12-14V$2.25Order
0058-00558-5Pulley LTD$4.75Order
0058-00658-6Pulley Shaft / LTD$0.65Order
0058-00858-8End Rail Front$2.00Order
0058-01358-13Worm Wheel$5.00Order
0058-10658-106Brush Plate$3.50Order
0058-10758-107Thrust Washer$0.40Order
006-C026Tiny Split Lock Washer 5mm OD$0.05Order
006-Y10010-22Brass Terminal for Smoke Resistor$0.25Order
006-Y103Flat Washer 7mm OD 2mm ID$0.05Order
006-Y1051-1Washer Flat Black 10mm OD 4mm ID$0.15Order
006-Y106C-1Washer Flat Black Steel 16mm OD 5mm ID For GG1 Pilot Trucks$0.15Order
006-Y1323-23Clear Plastic Washer 9mm OD$0.10Order
006-Y205-2E Ring 6 mm for Truck T bars$0.15Order
006-Y505-1Split Lock Washer 9mm OD$0.15Order
006-YB107-19Washer Flat Black 12mm OD 6mm ID$0.15Order
0060-00860-8Ground Strap Trolley$0.40Order
0060-010U60-10UTrolley Reverse Slide Assy. w/Contact & Bumpers *Used*$15.00Order
0060-02060-20Contact Plate Assy *Used*$3.50Order
0060-03160-31Lamp Socket *Used*$3.00Order
0060-04060-40Truck Side$3.50Order
0060-05160-51Trolley Side Window Set 2 Piece Repro$4.00Order
0060-05260-52Trolley End Windows Plain Pair$2.50Order
0060-061B60-61BTrolley Pole, Long 4 inch Black$1.50Order
0060-061L60-61LTrolley Pole, Long 4 inch Nickel$1.50Order
0060-06360-63Pole Mounting Clip$2.25Order
0060-06760-67Trolley Bumper Repro$3.00Order
0060-07560-75Pole Mounting Cap *USE 0060-063*$1.50Order
0061-00961-94-36 Hex Nut$0.30Order
0061-01361-13Fiber Washer$0.25Order
0061-014B61-14BEyelet Brass$0.20Order
0061-014N61-14NEyelet Nickel$0.20Order
0061-02261-22Washer and Eyelet with 2 3/4 inch Lead$1.00Order
0061-022B61-22BWasher and Eyelet with 12 inch Lead$1.25Order
0061-022O61-22OWasher and Eyelet with 4 inch Lead, Original With Cloth Wire $2.50Order
0061-14S61-14SScrew (Hopper Door Spring Mtg)$0.15Order
0062-003M62-3MPost Cap Metal$2.25Order
0062-003P62-3PPost Cap,Plastic$0.30Order
0065-01065-10Handle Pump Pin$0.50Order
0065-02465-24Collector Spring$0.80Order
0065-02965-29Groove Pin$0.40Order
0065-04365-43Traction Tire$1.50Order
0065-20765-207Drive Shaft$3.80Order
0065-20965-209Worm Gear$0.65Order
0065-21465-214Worm Gear and Shaft Assy$2.75Order
0065-HCM65-HCMHand Car Man for #65 shirt may be red or blue or no paint (Needs to be Repainted) Limited$12.50Order
0066-01166-11Spacer For Rectifier Disc Small$0.40Order
0066-01266-12Insulation Washer For Rectifier Disc Large$0.35Order
0068-00368-3Warning Sign Repro$4.95Order
0068-00568-5Lamp Socket$0.40Order
0070-00270-2Lamp Housing$3.50Order
0071-00871-8Lamp Shade Off White$2.25Order
0072-00172-1Brush Spring Only / All Later Bild A Locos / AKA Brush Well Spring$1.25Order
0073Brush Holder for 150 Series,ETC.$4.00Order
0073-ABrush for 150 Series, ETC. Plated for Solderability$3.50Order
0075-00575-5Lamp Post Blk. Orig. unused$8.50Order
0075-00875-8Socket Housing$0.50Order
0075-01475-14Lamp Shade$1.40Order
0075-02075-20Lamp Socket$1.50Order
0076-00676-6Socket Retainer,Pin Lamp Type$1.00Order
0076-01676-16Shoulder Rivet$0.60Order
0078-07378-73Lamp Socket Screw Base$0.60Order
0080-05180-51Semaphore Lamp Case 2 Hole$4.50Order
0081-03281-3224 in R.C. Accessory Wire Green 22 ga$1.35Order
0082-04382-43Solder Lug$0.30Order
0085-300Bulb Clear Wedge Base 28V$1.00Order
0088-00288-2Binding Post Nut Like Original Repro 4-36 Thread$0.75Order
0088-002B88-2BBinding Post Nut New Lionel Metric Thread$0.50Order
0088-002TBinding Post Nut Nickel 5-40 Thread$1.00Order
0088-02288-22Binding Post Repair Double Threaded$1.50Order
0089-00689-6Hedge 4 Section$0.40Order
0089-01589-15Flag Pole Top Finial$6.00Order
0092-01292-12Lock Washer # 4 Internal Star Stainless$0.40Order
0093-WSD93-WSDLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Clear Back$2.00Order
0093-WSDS93-WSDSLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Silver Back$2.00Order
0097-00197-1Coal Bucket, No. 97 Coal Loader$2.00Order
0097-01997-19#97 Body Assy. *USE 2921-001*$28.00Order
0097-04397-43Elevator Frame #97Coaler *USE 2921-004*$8.00Order
0097-05097-50Plunger Assembly$10.00Order
0097-08197-81Screw 4-40 x 1/4 Round Head Black *USE 8010-035*$0.40Order
0097-KNB97-KNBKnob for #97 Controller Reproduction$2.00Order
0099-03399-33Signal Lens Disk Dark Red$0.50Order
0099-03499-34Signal Lens Disc Green$0.50Order
009T-005A9T-5AJournal Box Black$1.25Order
009T-005B9T-5BJournal Box Brass$1.25Order
009T-005C9T-5CJournal Box Copper$1.25Order
009T-006A9T-6A500 Series Truck W/Pickup New W/Nickel Journals$30.00Order
009T-0159T-15500 Series Plain Truck Original LTD$25.00Order
009T-0169T-16Ground Washer for Top of Trucks$1.25Order
009T-017A9T-17A500 Series Wheel New MTH$3.00Order
009T-0209T-20Axle 200-400-500 Series$1.00Order
00CH-046CH-46Spacer Nylon Black$0.50Order
0100-001100-1E Unit arm up Use 0100-025N$50.00Order
0100-025N100-25NE-Unit Lionel Original New Old Stock MH$55.00Order
0100-025R100-25RE Unit, Rebuilt$55.00Order
0100-031100-31Coil for Mechanical Reverse E Units$15.00Order
0100-045100-454 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-046100-462 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-048100-48Plunger Pawl Pin Assy$2.20Order
0100-052100-52Eyelet Long To Attach E-Unit Lever Arm$0.30Order
0100-053100-53E Unit Switch Arm Short$1.50Order
0100-060100-60Switch Arm C Shape$0.30Order
0100-081100-814 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-082100-822 Finger Contact With Lead USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-085100-85Contact Finger Support$1.75Order
0100-086100-86E Unit Switch Plate With Solder Lugs$1.50Order
0100-093100-93Contact Housing Assy. E-Unit$14.95Order
0100-095100-95Switch Assy. Long Arm E-Unit$12.50Order
0100-1Screw MP-15 Body$0.25Order
0100-LAD100-LADE Unit Arm Long For 100-4, 5, 9 Also Standard Gauge$1.50Order
0100-SAD100-SADE Unit Arm Short For 100-8, 11, 25 Etc$1.50Order
0100-SET100-SETE unit Contact Finger Set No Wires 100-45 46$10.00Order
0100-SETA100-SETAE-Unit Contact Finger Set With Wires include 100-81 and 100-82$11.00Order
0101-001101-12 position E-Unit$18.50Order
0101-002101-22 position E Unit$25.00Order
0101-004101-42 Position E Unit $25.00Order
0101-048101-48Screw 4-40 x 3/16 Binding Head Black$0.30Order
0101-052101-52Spring Washer$0.30Order
0101-089101-89Compression Ring$0.60Order
0103-001103-1Electronic E Unit *USE 0103-100*$24.00Order
0103-100103-100Electronic E Unit For Conventional DC Motors$24.00Order
0106-030Screw 4-40 x 3/8$0.40Order
0106-040Nut #4-40 X 1/4 Hex$0.30Order
0107-100107-100Electro Reverse Unit Also Replaces 0103-100 and 0103-001$24.00Order
0110-029110-29Tie Channel Only *Used*$0.80Order
0112-113112-113Rack LH$2.00Order
0114-043114-43Lamp Post Die Cast Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128 *USE TP-1150016*$7.50Order
0114-065114-65Door LH Red for Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128 110 *USE TP-1150014*$3.00Order
0114-066114-66Door RH Red for Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128 110 *USE TP-1150013*$3.00Order
0114-WDW114-WDWWindow Scene Set for 114 and 118 News Stand 3 Piece$3.50Order
0115-014115-14Automatic Train Control for 115 and 132 Stations MTH *USE TP-1150017*$35.00Order
0115-036115-36Station Clock Bezel Nickel No Clock Face$5.00Order
0116-008116-8Screen 115, 116$6.00Order
0118-017118-17Whistle Clip$1.00Order
0124-002124-2Station Schedule Black Train No, Will Arrive Etc Pr 124 134$3.00Order
0124-025124-25Outside Lighting Bracket Painted Brass$19.95Order
0124-025 (S)124-25 (S)Outside Lamp Bracket Painted Silver$19.95Order
0124-025 (U)124-25 (U)Outside Lamp Bracket Unpainted$19.95Order
0124-CHC124-CHCChimney for 124 Style Stations Cream$3.00Order
0124-CHI124-CHIChimney for 124 Style Stations Ivory/White$3.00Order
0124-LCP124-LCPLionel City Plate for 124 Station Brass Black Lettering$3.50Order
0124-LCPA124-LCPALionel City Plate for 124 Station Nickel$3.00Order
0124-WRP124-WRPWaiting Room Plate for 124 Station Brass$2.00Order
0124-WRPA124-WRPAWaiting Room Plate for 124 Station Nickel$2.00Order
0125-021125-21Mounting Stud$4.00Order
0128-008128-8Drive Arm Stud$0.75Order
0128-010128-10Long Shoulder Pin$1.25Order
0128-011128-11Short Shoulder Pin$1.20Order
0128-012128-12Binding Post$0.75Order
0128-015128-15Motor W/Lamp Bracket$35.00Order
0128-023128-23SPRING / DRIVE (POSTWAR # 128-23)$1.25Order
0128-026128-26Drive Spring$1.00Order
0128-027128-27Drive Arm$2.00Order
0128-028128-28Pivot Arm$0.40Order
0128-029128-29Drive Rack$2.00Order
0128-030128-30Pinion Gear$0.30Order
0128-0375 Section Newspaper Decal $2.00Order
0128-038128-38Magazine Decal$1.50Order
0128-041128-41Newstand Roof Red$12.00Order
0128-042128-42Dog and Eyelet for Newsstand (Dog is a Doxin for Hot Dog Stand) Comes Mounted with Bracket 128-44$5.00Order
0128-046128-46Hydrant, Plastic$2.50Order
0128-046DHydrant, Die Cast Metal$2.50Order
0128-051128-51News Dealer Body without Pivot Arm$1.50Order
0128-075128-75Speed Nut Small$0.50Order
0128-077128-77Lionel Newspaper Metal$2.00Order
0128-077ANewspaper, MPC Style$1.00Order
0132-013132-13Door Frame$0.30Order
0132-014132-14Door and Window Glass 1 X 1 7/8 inch$0.80Order
0132-015132-15Freight Door$2.00Order
0132-016132-16Glass Large Door$0.30Order
0132-017132-17Small Ft. Door Frame$0.30Order
0132-018132-18Small Ft. Door Glass$0.30Order
0132-023132-23Brace Mounting Stud$0.55Order
0132-025132-25Door Glass$0.40Order
0132-031132-31Lionelville Adhesive Sign Repro Pair$3.00Order
0132-045132-45Lamp Contact with 2.5 inch Lead$1.00Order
0140-008140-8Lamp Contact$0.20Order
0140-009140-9Fibre Washer$0.50Order
0140-019140-19Coil Assembly For Banjo Signal (Limited)$12.50Order
0140-022140-22Plastic Washer$0.05Order
0140-023140-23Fiber Washer$0.25Order
0140-028140-28Rotating Cup Reproduction$10.00Order
0140-032140-32Driving Washer For Banjo Signal (also HO O494)$2.40Order
0140-033140-33Inner Cup$0.65Order
0140-035140-35Lock Washer$0.50Order
0140-039140-39Crossing Sign$4.00Order
0140-052140-52Insulation Piece Base$0.50Order
0145-005145-5Coil with Leads for Gateman and Flagman (Postwar)$8.00Order
0145-005M145-5MCoil with Leads for Gateman and Flagman (Modern)$7.00Order
0145-008145-8Plunger Only Not Complete$1.00Order
0145-009145-9Plunger Pin$0.70Order
0145-011B145-11BPinion Gear Brown$3.00Order
0145-011R145-11RPinion Gear Red$3.00Order
0145-013145-13Small Window Glass$0.75Order
0145-014145-14Gear Segment$1.50Order
0145-017145-17House Structure, White *SOLD OUT*$10.00Order
0145-019145-19Lamp Socket Assy$3.00Order
0145-021145-21Mounting Stud$1.00Order
0145-022B145-22BRoof Brown$5.00Order
0145-022D145-22DRoof Dark Red$5.00Order
0145-022DRU145-22DRUDark Red Roof Original Used$12.00Order
0145-022R145-22RRoof Light Red$5.00Order
0145-023R145-23RTool Box Cover Dark Red$3.00Order
0145-024145-24Door Glass$0.85Order
0145-025145-25Lionelville Sign$2.50Order
0145-032145-32Figure Arm No Lantern$1.00Order
0145-034145-34Lantern Red for Gateman$1.25Order
0145-035145-35Plunger and Bracket Assy.$2.50Order
0145-036B145-36BDoor Brown$5.00Order
0145-036R145-36RDoor Red$5.00Order
0145-062145-62Figure Mounting Stud$0.80Order
0145-C011145C-011Contactor Spring$0.50Order
0150-GSH150-GSHBull Gear for Back of Wheel Square Boss 255 260 and O Gauge Electrics$3.50Order
0151-006151-6Lower Bracket Used $0.75Order
0151-010151-10Rack Semaphore$0.50Order
0151-011151-11Semaphore Arm Complete MTH$6.00Order
0151-016151-16Pinion Housing Semaphore$1.00Order
0151-017151-17Pin For Semaphore Arm$1.50Order
0151-020151-2010 in Lamp Lead With Contact$2.00Order
0151-021151-21Shoulder Screw$3.00Order
0151-022151-22Ladder Painted Red Repro$2.50Order
0151-027151-27Return Spring$0.25Order
0151-030151-30Washer Semaphore$0.08Order
0151-038151-38Washer and Eyelet For Lamp Contact No Wire$0.50Order
0151-056Lens Green for 151 Semaphore$0.50Order
0151-057151-57Lamp Housing Cast Black$3.75Order
0152152Hook Coupler$2.25Order
0152-021152-21Tab Hook Coupler 152$2.00Order
0152-046152-46Solder Lug$0.30Order
0153-004153-4Binding Post 4-36 Thread *USE 0153-004R*$1.25Order
0153-004BBinding Post Rivet Small Metric$1.50Order
0153-004R153-4RBinding Post 4-36 Dual Threaded Repair Post with Mounting Nut Uses 0088-002 Post Nut if Needed$1.40Order
0153-014153-14Drive Screw$0.50Order
0153-019153-19Ladder Orange$2.50Order
0153-050153-50Lamp 14 v Red Translucent Bayonet Base Repro$1.50Order
0154-034W154-34WCross Arm White With Black Letters$2.50Order
0154-053154-53Drive Screw$0.50Order
0155-014155-14Mechanism Bell Spring$5.00Order
0155-070155-70Mechanism Complete *Used* --------------------------------------->(CALL)$0.00Order
0156-005156-5Fence 2 Section$3.00Order
0156-010AFinial 4-36 thread$1.00Order
0157-003157-3Roof Red MPC$2.50Order
0157-005157-5Roof Finial Black Acorn$0.50Order
0157-016157-16Platform Green MPC For 2156$7.50Order
0157-016APlatform, Green,MPC For 2256$7.50Order
0160-001L160-1LBin MPC 8 Inches Long Black Plastic$5.50Order
0160-001S160-1SBin Short Original NY Bake-o-lite$12.00Order
0160-002160-2Bin Current 8 Inches Long *SAME AS 0160-001*$5.00Order
0161-010161-10Flag Rod Wire$0.80Order
0161-014161-14Flag Pivot Pin$0.40Order
0161-023161-23Magnet Square$0.80Order
0161-300161-300Lamp, 12 v. Clear Wedge Base$1.25Order
0163-004163-4Double Socket Cover$1.00Order
0163-005163-5Target Front$1.00Order
0164-016164-16Spring Conical$0.50Order
0164-032164-32Lumber Hook$1.25Order
0164-036164-36Sprocket 164 Log Loader Etc.$3.50Order
0164-060164-60Roof For Log Loader Red Repro$18.00Order
0164-064164-64Log Unstained Natural 4 3/4 Inch Long$0.85Order
0164-064B164-64BLog Stained 4 11/16 Inch Long$0.85Order
0164-064C164-64CLog Natural 4 11/16 Inch Long$0.85Order
0165-011165-11Boom Green with Pulley Only Repro for 165 and 2660$20.00Order
0167-015167-15Pin to Hold Rectifier Disc$0.40Order
0167-021167-21Spacer Whistle Controller$0.20Order
0167-033167-33Contact Arm Whistle Controller$0.80Order
0167-037167-37Contact Assy$2.00Order
0167-050167-50Contact Thermo Assy$1.00Order
0167-052167-52Contact Bracket$1.00Order
0182-014182-14Cab Shoulder Screw$2.00Order
0182-021B182-21BSmoke Stack, Black repro $3.00Order
0182-029182-29Magnet Assy. Repro *USE HH-5200186*$30.00Order
0182-032182-32Center Groove Pin$1.00Order
0190-001190-1Control Button SPST Momentary$5.50Order
0191-300191-300Lamp Midget Flanged 16V$1.95Order
0192-006192-6Control Tower Wind Vane$3.00Order
0192-007192-7Control Tower Anemometer Cup Rotor$3.00Order
0192-010192-10Window Liner$3.00Order
0192-011192-11Decal Left Hand$1.25Order
0192-012192-12Decal Right Hand$1.25Order
0192-034192-34Control Tower Structure$2.60Order
0192-035192-35Control Tower Structure$2.60Order
0192-036192-36Control Tower Structure 1$3.80Order
0193-006193-6Water Tower Ladder Use 2958-072$3.00Order
0193-020193-20Base 193 Water Tower *USE 2958-004*$3.00Order
0193-021193-21Structure Red *USE 2958-014*$30.00Order
0195-008195-8Reflector Plastic$1.50Order
0195-048195-48Rod Steel with Swedges$2.40Order
0195-074195-74Extension Pins$1.50Order
0197-006197-6Dipole Black$1.50Order
0197-007197-7Drive Shaft, Short MPC$2.00Order
0197-007LDrive Shaft (Long)$2.75Order
0197-011197-11Cover, Radar Tower$1.25Order
0197-016197-16Control Tower Stud$0.60Order
0197-019197-19Control Tower Stair Red$3.00Order
0197-019O197-19OControl Tower Stair Original Orange 1 In Stock$11.50Order
0197-020197-20Control Tower Ladder$0.65Order
0197-035197-35Washer, Brass$0.80Order
0197-042197-42Radar Bracket$2.50Order
0199-006199-6Bulb Ring$1.00Order
0199-018199-18Dipole Lens Clear$1.30Order
0200-041200-41Insulator Black$1.00Order
0200-LENS200-LENSHeadlight Lens for 200 Series Alcos$1.25Order
0200-TCB200-TCBTruck Crossbrace 200 Series$2.00Order
0200-WSD200-WSD200 series Santa Fe Nose will fit 212,215,220,218,223 (WSD)$3.50Order
0202-014A202-14AMain Rod Assy RH$3.50Order
0202-015OMain Rod Assy LH Orig $3.50Order
0202-054202-54Frame Box AKA Fuel Tank Black$3.50Order
0202-108202-108Nylon Insulating Shoulder Washer *USE 0633-107*$0.40Order
0204-034204-34Flat Centering Spring$0.75Order
0204-078204-78Nose Support $4.25Order
0204-078P204-78P200 Series Alco Lower Pilot Repair 1/4" H X 2" W$5.95Order
0208-065208-65Battery Housing Repro$22.00Order
0208-067208-67Battery Insulation$0.20Order
0209-BWooden Barrel Large 4 Rings Solid for Gondola Load$0.60Order
0210-010210-10Lantern Switch Cover Black With Lenses and Bezels$6.00Order
0211-003211-3Flat Car Stake for 211 *USE TP-SF00058*$2.00Order
0211-011211-11Brakewheel Support Stand Nickel For 211 or 511$2.00Order
0211-012211-12Washer For Truck$0.30Order
0211-017B211-17BBrakewheel with Cap Brass for 200-500 Series$2.00Order
0211-017BA211-17BABrakewheel with Cap and Axle Brass for 200-500 Series$3.50Order
0211-017N211-17NBrakewheel with Cap Nickel for 200-500 Series$2.00Order
0211-BSB211-BSBBrakewheel Shaft Brass for 211 212 215 220 511 2 1/8 Long$1.50Order
0212-004B212-4BBrakewheel Stanchion Brass 200 500 600 800 Series$2.00Order
0212-004N212-4NBrakewheel Stanchion Nickel 200 500 600 800 Series$2.00Order
0213-006B213-6B8 Rung Ladder 200 500 Series Brass$3.00Order
0213-006N213-6N8 Rung Ladder 200 500 Series Nickle$3.00Order
0214-BSB214-BSBBrakewheel Axle Brass for 200 and 500 Series$1.50Order
0214-BSN214-BSNBrakewheel Axle Nickel for 200 and 500 Series$1.50Order
0215-005215-5Ladder Brass 5 Rung Curved On Top For 215 515$2.50Order
0215-005A215-5ALadder Nickel 5 Rung Curved On Top For 215 515$2.50Order
0215-010215-10Dome Sm Nkl Tank Cars 215 515 815 1515 1680 Etc.$2.00Order
0216-005216-5Ladder Nickel for 400T etc.$2.50Order
0216-300216-300Lamp Clear$4.00Order
0217-011B217-11BMarker Light Brass aka Bullseye *USE TP-MS00046*$1.50Order
0217-011N217-11NMarker Light Nickel aka Bullseye and Gauge$1.50Order
0218-005218-5SF Nose Yel and Red Decal Water Sol 212 218 220 223$3.00Order
0218-005A218-5ASF Nose Yel Decal Water Sol MPC Alcos 8020 8022 etc$3.00Order
0218-008218-8Gear Operating for 218 Dump Car$10.00Order
0219-058219-58Steel Gear Only for Spool Drum Shaft 1 1/4 inch Round Hole$4.75Order
0219-059219-59Boom Shaft and Gear Assy. MTH$13.00Order
0219-059A219-59ASteel Boom Gear Only Repro 1 1/6 inch Squared Hole$4.75Order
0221-010221-10Connecting Rod,$2.50Order
0221-011221-11Crosshead Rivet$0.50Order
0221-013221-13Valve Gear Assy, RH$16.00Order
0221-014221-14Valve Gear Assy, LH$16.00Order
0221-020221-20Pilot Truck$6.50Order
0221-022221-22Bushing Metal$4.00Order
0221-022A221-22ABushing Black Plastic$0.40Order
0221-025221-25Rear Truck$7.50Order
0221-028221-28Rear Truck Screw$0.75Order
0221-029221-29Side Rod Screw$0.75Order
0221-033221-33Lamp Socket Assy.$3.25Order
0221-040221-40Handrail Cotter (Use 1666-E11 Trim)$0.25Order
0221-KIT221-KITMain Rod Crosshead and Rivet, Kit Contains 221-9 10 & 11$5.00Order
0221T-SAD221T-SADNYC W/Stripes for 221T White Self Adhesive Pr$2.00Order
0221T-SADS221T-SADSNYC W/Stripes for 221T Self Adhesive Pr Silver$2.00Order
0221T-WSDNYC W/Stripes for 221T Water Sol Silver Pr$6.00Order
0222-108222-108Rubber Traction Tire Most Diesels Slightly Thicker .038$1.50Order
0222-108A222-108ARubber Traction Tire Most Diesels, Slightly Thinner Also For Berk Jr, Allegheny Lionel .033$1.25Order
0222-130222-130Centering Spring$0.60Order
0224-NP224-NPNumber Plate for 224, Pr$2.00Order
0227-006227-6Handrail Stanch Nickel Thrded Shorter than 700E-70 W/Nut$0.75Order
0227-006B227-6BHandrail Stanch Black Thrded Shorter than 700E-70 W/Nut$0.75Order
0227-008227-8Side Grab Rail$0.90Order
0227-009227-9Sand Dome Rod$1.00Order
0227-010227-10Air Pipe$1.00Order
0227-011227-11Grab Rail RH$0.75Order
0227-012227-12Grab Rail LH$1.00Order
0227-013227-13Side Light$1.00Order
0227-014227-14Hand Rail$2.00Order
0227-024227-24Front Rail$1.20Order
0227-031227-31Pinion Stud$0.90Order
0227-041227-41Axle, Wheel$2.50Order
0227-042227-42Idler Gear$4.50Order
0227-048227-48Collector Insulator$2.00Order
0227-052227-52Collector Bracket$1.00Order
0227-053227-53Side Rod RH$6.00Order
0227-054227-54Side Rod LH$6.00Order
0227-056227-56Worm Shaft$12.00Order
0227-063227-63Valve Gear Bearing$0.80Order
0227-064227-64Valve Gear Bearing RH$1.00Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-068227-68Worm Cover$3.00Order
0227-069227-69Worm Cover Gasket$1.00Order
0227-087227-87Valve Rod$2.00Order
0227-088227-88Shoulder Screw, Long$1.80Order
0227-092227-92Front Railing$2.50Order
0227-095227-95Motor Pinion$8.00Order
0236-064236-64Heating Element$5.00Order
0236-083236-83Wiper Contact$0.80Order
0236-085236-85Stator Contact$0.80Order
0237-054237-54Spring For Plastic Smoke Pistons$1.00Order
0237-105237-105Brush Small Diameter Rounded Shoulder$2.10Order
0242-206A242-206ARubber Traction Tire for Older Steamers Like Original$1.50Order
0246-012246-12Motor Mounting Pin Use 2026-014$0.90Order
0246-211246-211Motor Brush Smaller Diameter Bullet Use 0237-105. For Large Diameter use 1001-M46$2.10Order
0246-212246-212Brush Spring$0.75Order
0246-223246-223Bearing/Bushing for Scout Motor $4.50Order
0246-245246-245Scout Motor Brush Small Diameter Bullet Shape AKA 0237-105 For Large Diameter use #1001-M46$2.10Order
0248-016248-16Stamped Handrail Brass 1 in.$1.60Order
0248-016N248-16NStamped Handrail Nickel 1 in.$1.60Order
0249249Crosshead Guide with Holes 249 258 late 259 261 262 1684 Etc.$1.50Order
0252-004252-4Cam for 252 Gate 1951 and Up Not for 1950 Model$2.00Order
0252-004X252-4XCam for 252 Gate 1950 Not for 1951 and Up Model$2.00Order
0252-005252-5Base,Original unused NOS$6.00Order
0252-007252-7Crossing Gate Arm Complete *Used*$12.50Order
0252-008252-8Handrail Brass 1-7/8 in for 252 &Tenders257 259 261 262$2.75Order
0252-008A252-8AHandrail Nickel 1-7/8 in for 252 &Tenders257 259 261 262$2.75Order
0252-010252-10Crossing Gate Lens Shaft $3.50Order
0252-011252-11Lens Red$0.75Order
0252-016252-16Prop Black Plastic$1.50Order
0252-016A252-16AProp Metal$0.50Order
0252-017252-17Bottom Plate and Coil Assy No Plunger Assy Use Plunger 0252-065$10.50Order
0252-017A252-17ABottom Plate and Coil Assy Complete w/Plunger and Lamp Socket *Used*$14.00Order
0252-022252-22Coupler To Frame Rivet$0.50Order
0252-026252-26Contact Spring$1.20Order
0252-027252-27Fibre Insulation$1.00Order
0252-032252-32Lamp Socket Assy Complete *USE 2533-050 Must Be Modified.$4.50Order
0252-037252-37Brass Eyelet$0.90Order
0252-059252-59Cam Plastic$1.00Order
0252-065252-65Plunger Assy$3.50Order
0253-001253-1Whistle Small Nickle No Screw$2.00Order
0253-001B253-1BLionel Whistle Brass No Screw$2.00Order
0253-001RN253-1RNWhistle Small Nickle Rivet On$1.75Order
0253-002253-2Flag Holder Brass for All Except 256$0.75Order
0253-008253-8Drive Screw$0.40Order
0253-009253-9Socket Insulation$1.00Order
0253-012253-12Air Tank, Brass$2.50Order
0253-020253-20Hand Rail$2.50Order
0254-010254-10Ladder 3 Step Brass for 248 250 252 254 etc$2.75Order
0254-024N254-24NPantograph, Small Nickle$6.00Order
0256-004256-4Mounting Stud$1.20Order
0256-008256-8Roof Support Assy$6.00Order
0256-010256-10Fence 3 Section Like Original Open Rung$3.00Order
0256-010N256-10NCab Handrail Nickel for 256, 260E 263 and 255 etc$1.00Order
0256-011256-11Fence 3 Section New Style Clsd Rung$1.50Order
0256-027256-27Airex Billboard Repro$3.00Order
0256-030256-30Terminal Clip and Lug$1.00Order
0256-035256-35Airex poster repro *Use 0256-4PS*$0.00
0256-036256-36Savings Bond Poster repro *USE 0256-4PS*$0.00
0256-037256-37Airex poster repro *Use 0256-4PS*$0.00
0256-038256-38Red Cross Poster repro *USE 0256-2PS*$0.00
0256-039256-39Boy Scout Poster repro *SEE 0256-4PS*$0.00
0256-040256-40Community Chest Poster repro *SEE 0256-2PS*$0.00
0256-043256-43Sunoco Billboard Repro$3.00Order
0256-050256-50Rival Billboard Repro Dogs Prefer Rival$3.00Order
0256-2PS256-2PSPoster Set Repro 1 256-40 Community Chest 1 256-38 Red Cross Sticker$2.00Order
0256-4PS256-4PSPoster Set Repro 4 per Set 1 of Each 256-35 36 37 39$4.00Order
0256-Dyn256-DynDynafuel Billboard Repro$3.00Order
0256-LCL256-LCLLionel Chem Lab Billboard Repro$3.00Order
0257-013C257-13CBell Copper for 249 255 257 258 259 Etc$1.00Order
0257-026257-26Steamchest No Guides 257 258 261 262E *Used*$32.00Order
0257-027257-27Axle, Lead & Trail for 260E-14 etc.$2.50Order
0257-034257-34Pilot Truck Front Frame Only$4.50Order
0257-036C257-36CValve Gear Rivet to Attach to Frame$0.50Order
0257-038257-38Valve Gear Assy.$1.75Order
0257-043257-43Drive Rod and Crosshead 249 Assy LH (Lg Hole)$5.75Order
0257-043A257-43ADrive Rod and Crosshead 257, 261 Assy LH (Sm Hole)$5.75Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide$4.00Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide 249,262,261$3.50Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide$4.00Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide 249,262,261$3.50Order
0257-045257-45Left or Right Side Rod for 249,262,261$6.00Order
0257-045257-45Connecting Rod$1.50Order
0257-045257-45Left or Right Side Rod for 249,262,261$6.00Order
0257-045257-45Connecting Rod$1.50Order
0257-048257-48Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$2.50Order
0257-048U257-48UDrive Rod and Crosshead *USED*$2.50Order
0257-300Lamp Clear Flasher Bayonet Base$2.00Order
0257-58-59257-58-59Tender Plate, Brass, pair$2.00Order
0257-PLTRepair Pilot 7 Teeth$4.00Order
0257-T07Coal Pile 257T 258T 262T$5.00Order
0257-T12257T-12Tender Drawbar Short, Twist$1.25Order
0258-300258-300Lamp Blinking Screw Base Clear 14V$1.50Order
0259-007259-7Binding Post Metric$0.20Order
0259-027259-27Front Truck With Disc Wheel$7.00Order
0259-037N259-37NDrive Rod and Crosshead Assy LH$3.00Order
0259-040N259-40NDrive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$3.00Order
0259-265259-265Front Truck with Spokes$5.00Order
0259-300259-300Wedge Base Bulb 6.3 volt$1.00Order
0259-NB259-NBNumber Board Reproduction$2.00Order
0260-007260-7Base Assy$5.00Order
0260-00T260-TTender Front Casting Flat Painted Black$12.50Order
0260-00TA260-TATender Front Casting Flat Painted Blue$12.50Order
0260-015260-15Bumper Plunger Button$0.70Order
0260-016260-16Stack Rivet Bumper$0.50Order
0260-TFI260-TFITender Front Casting Indented Early$10.00Order
0261-003261-3Bumper Case$4.00Order
0261-004261-4Lamp Bracket$2.00Order
0261-017261-17Pilot Truck Rear Frame Only$4.50Order
0261-017A261-17ATrailing truck Complete with black wheels$15.00Order
0262-002262-2Base For Crossing Gate$2.50Order
0262-004262-4Socket Cover$1.50Order
0262-010262-10Crossing Sign$2.75Order
0262-012262-12Counter Weight$2.00Order
0282-005282-5Clutch Shaft Gear (only Gear)$24.00Order
0282-014282-14Bearing Clamp$2.00Order
0282-055282-55Gear *Used*$10.50Order
0282-077282-77Wheel for Gantry Crane New LTI$2.00Order
0282-082282-82Screw Nut aka Rivet Screw Black$1.00Order
0282-124282-124Brace Rod Screw$2.30Order
0282-127282-127Cab Lock$0.50Order
0284-FRO-GLO18 Volt Frosted Large Globe Screw Base$1.75Order
0284-GLOBE284-GLOBE18 Volt White Large Globe Screw Base$1.50Order
0299-300299-300Lamp, Flashing Clear$2.50Order
0300-400300-400Passenger Light Bracket Comp.$2.50Order
0300-TCB300-TCBTruck Crossbrace 300,400,500 srs *USE TP-SF00067*$2.00Order
0309-028309-28RR Crossing Sign Complete with Plastic Base$7.50Order
0311-009311-9Forcing Pin Small$2.00Order
0311-010311-10Forcing Pin Large$1.50Order
0312-010bObs. Railing Brass 312 322 325 etc.No Lenses or Plate$20.00Order
0312-010n312-10nObservation Railing nickel 312 322 325 etc. No Lenses or Plate$20.00Order
0313-121313-121027 Insulating Track Pins One Dozen$3.99Order
0318-012318-12Door Handrail Brass 318 402E 392T 400 Series Pass etc$1.50Order
0318-012N318-12NHandrail Nickel 318 402E 392T 400 Series Pass etc$1.50Order
0318-020318-20Pantograph Brass for Standard for Ives Lionel 8,9,10,318,380,402$2.50Order
0318-020A318-20APantograph Nickel for Standard for Ives Lionel 8,9,10,318,380,402$2.50Order
0318-024318-24Pilot Unpainted for 318$15.00Order
0318-STP318-STPSide Step Brass $2.00Order
0319-T15319T-15Wheel 200 Series Orig LTD$3.50Order
0321-005321-5Bridge End$1.50Order
0333-007333-7Swivel Ball Gray$3.00Order
0333-SPD333-SPDSatellite Solar Panel Decal Sticker 1 ea$1.00Order
0342-118342-118Tension Spring$1.00Order
0342-129342-129Drive Line Eyelet Nickel$0.95Order
0342-132342-132Tension Spring$1.50Order
0344-E002Speaker Thin 2 inch 8 Ohm .2 W S200RL$5.00Order
0345-008345-8Roof for Culvert Unloader Light Gray$10.00Order
0345-010345-10Culvert Bridge$12.50Order
0345-016345-16House for Culvert Unloader New Lionel *USE 2983-005*$3.50Order
0345-080345-80Drive Line For Operating Accessories by the Foot$0.50Order
0348-187348-187Screw 3-48 x 1/4 in Fillister$0.50Order
0350-015350-15Rail Contact$8.00Order
0350-016350-16Contact Spring$7.00Order
0350-122350-122Flat Washer$0.40Order
0352-005352-5Blue Iceman w/Orange Paddle (Paddle not interchangeable with original)$4.50Order
0352-008352-8House Structure Unused$25.00Order
0352-011352-11Roof Red $7.20Order
0352-025352-25Cube Lever$2.50Order
0352-026352-26Retaining Ring$1.00Order
0352-029352-29Ice Cube$1.00Order
0352-031352-31Screw 4 x 5/8 Round Head Self Tap Black$0.80Order
0352-034352-34Track Bracket$3.00Order
0353-005353-5Common Spring, Long$1.00Order
0353-006353-6Spring Wire, Short$1.00Order
0353-007353-7Paper Sleeve White$0.50Order
0353-008353-8Paper Sleeve Green$0.50Order
0356-014356-14Adjusting Screw$2.00Order
0356-018356-18Trip Bracket$3.30Order
0356-025PR356-25PRFront and Rear Pads 3/5 Fingers$6.00Order
0356-028356-28Figure Blue with 1 Arm Out Low (Hands Face not Painted) Limit 1 Per Order$8.50Order
0356-035356-35Baggage Truck Red W/Figure Repro$14.00Order
0356-035G356-35GBaggage Truck Green W/Figure Repro$12.50Order
0356-035O356-35OBaggage Truck Orange W/Figure Repro$12.50Order
0356-035R356-35RBaggage Trucks Green & Red W/Figures Repro Set$22.00Order
0356-035S356-35SBaggage Trucks Green & Orange W/Figures Repro Set$20.00Order
0362-031362-31Insulated Washer$0.45Order
0362-048362-48Tilt Gate, Repro$4.25Order
0362-073W362-73WWhite Barrel Loader Man$3.50Order
0362-078362-78Barrel Stained$1.00Order
0362-082362-82Track Clip$2.25Order
0363-300363-300Light Bulb 14 v. Clear Bayonet Base old 151-51 Small Globe$0.95Order
0363-301363-301Light Bulb Clear Red See Thru 14 v.$1.00Order
0363-301A363-301ALight Bulb Opaque Red (No See Thru) 14 v.$1.00Order
0363-302363-302Light Bulb Clear Green See Thru14 v.$1.00Order
0363-302A363-302ALight Bulb Opaque Green (No See Thru)14 v.$1.00Order
0364-023364-23Guide Block$3.00Order
0364-048364-48Lumber Loader Light Cover$5.75Order
0380-007B380-7BHandrail Stanchion Brass$0.60Order
0380-007N380-7NHandrail Stanchion Nickel$0.60Order
0380-007NA380-7NAHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 25$8.00Order
0380-007NB380-7NBHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 50$15.00Order
0381-048B381-48BWheel 8 Spoke Open Black Lead or Trail$4.50Order
0381-048R381-48RWheel 8 Spoke Open Red Lead or Trail$4.50Order
0384-015384-15Left side steam pipe 384$2.25Order
0384-016384-16right side steam pipe 384$2.25Order
0384-029384-29Boilerfront Unpainted 384 384E$20.00Order
0384-034384-34Boiler Railing Brass for 384 390 260 etc$3.00Order
0384-TBS384-TBSTender Body Cast Unpainted 384 385 390$50.00Order
0384-TCP384-TCPCoal Pile for 384, 385, 1-384E, 1-390E MTH$15.00Order
0384-TTPB384-TTPBTender Plate Brass Lionel Lines 2.5 X .5 Inch Pair$3.00Order
0385-TTPB385-TTPBTender Plate Brass/ Black The Lionel Railway Lines 4 X 1/8 Inch Round Ends Pair$6.25Order
0385-TTPN385-TTPNTender Plate Nickel/ Black The Lionel Railway Lines 4 X 1/8 Inch Round Ends Pair$6.25Order
0390-001390-1390 Frame$120.00Order
0390-010N390-10NSmokestack Nickel for 384 & 390$7.00Order
0390-026390-26Fire Box Door Brass for 385 392 400E Etc$4.00Order
0390-026N390-26NFire Box Door Nickel for 385 392 400E Etc$4.00Order
0390-031390-31Side Rod 384 390$3.00Order
0390-032390-32Valve Gear Screw 6/32 Thread$0.75Order
0390-032X390-32XSide Rod Screw 4-36 Thread Short$1.00Order
0390-034390-34Main Rod Screw$1.00Order
0390-050390-50Main Rod and Crosshead RH 384,390$10.00Order
0390-051390-51Steamchest for 384 390 Unpainted$25.00Order
0390-059F390-59FLead Truck Frame Only 390 385 1835 Repro$10.00Order
0390-062F390-62FTrailing Truck Frame Only For 9 & 390 Repro$10.00Order
0390-063390-63Valve Gear AKA Piston and Support Upper$3.75Order
0390-065390-65Boilerfront Unpainted$24.00Order
0390-066390-66Bell and Bracket Assy Nickle$4.00Order
0390-066B390-66BBell and Bracket Assy. Brass$4.00Order
0390-068Pilot Cast For 400E 390E Unpainted$15.00Order
0390-071390-71Headlight Casting Painted Brass for 390 With Pigtail$10.00Order
0390-074390-74Flag White $2.50Order
0390-075390-75Flag Red$1.80Order
0390-076390-76Flag Green$1.80Order
0390-082390-82Drawbar Stud, Threaded 4-40 Thread$1.50Order
0390-086390-86Main Rod and Crosshead LH 384,390$10.00Order
0390-CHG390-CHGCrosshead Guide 2 Long Slots for 384 390 260 263$3.00Order
0390-TTPB390-TTPBTender Plate Brass Lionel Lines 2.5 X .5 Inch Pair$3.00Order
0392-PTGPilot Truck Guide For 392$2.00Order
0394-010394-10Indented Lamp 14 Volt / Sub 0461-300$2.50Order
0394-026394-26Lens Green$1.00Order
0394-037394-37Beacon Top Complete Repro Like Original Pin Style With Fins$10.00Order
0395-003395-3395 Floodlight Tower Aluminum Replacement Tag (Adhesive)$2.50Order
0395-018395-18Insulation Light Bracket Mounting$1.20Order
0395-021395-213 1/2 inch Lamp Lead Assy$1.00Order
0395-028395-28Stud Center Terminal$3.50Order
0395-029395-29Terminal Insulation$0.90Order
0395-030395-30Terminal Clip$1.00Order
0395-033395-33Ladder Black$2.00Order
0395-KITLamp Contacts (4) and 22g Wire 14in (For #395)$2.00Order
0397-006397-6Coal Loader Belt$10.00Order
0397-007397-7Bearing Cover Plate$0.80Order
0397-025397-25Motor Cover Screw$1.75Order
0397-026397-26Shaft and Drive Coupling Assy With End Bearing No Cams$15.00Order
0397-029397-29Flexible Coupling$1.60Order
0397-032A397-32AGM Decal, for 397 Coal Loader Water Sol. $1.70Order
0397-050397-50Shield Plastic For Coal Loader$1.20Order
0397-077397-77Cover Clip$2.00Order
0397-M10397M-10Coupling Shaft Assy$12.00Order
0400-006400-6Window Strip$1.50Order
0400-BCLB400-BCLBBudd Car Lettering Blue Self Adhesive $7.00Order
0400-RDC-9400R-DC-9Budd Car Plate RDC-9 Pair Metal Peel and Stick$6.50Order
0401-027401-27Window Rear$1.70Order
0401-035401-35Sound Dir. Top Black$0.60Order
0401-045401-45Sound Dir. Btn.$0.60Order
0401-162401-162Cherry Switch$2.50Order
0401-165401-165Cherry Switch Mounting Bracket Clear$7.50Order
0401-515401-515Cam for Sounds$2.00Order
0402-300402-300Lamp Flashing$1.50Order
0402-PLT402-PLTPilot for 402$20.00Order
0403-006403-6Coupler Assy Complete with Socket$13.00Order
0403-008403-8Front Step$5.00Order
0403-009403-9Drawbar for 0-4-0 Switchers$2.75Order
0404-BCLB404-BCLBUS Mail Budd Car Lettering Blue 404 Self Adhesive$7.00Order
0408-010408-10Stanchion for Steampipe Brass$0.75Order
0408-010N408-10NStanchion for Steampipe Nickel$0.75Order
0408-026408-26Flag Stanchion Brass$2.00Order
0408-026A408-26AFlag Stanchion Nickel$2.00Order
0408-045408-45Green Bulb Opaque Large Globe Screw Base 18 Volt$1.75Order
0412-BCB412-BCBBody Cross Brace for Girard and Blue Comet Pass Cars (None Available, Use 0412-BCS remove spike)$5.00Order
0412-BCS412-BCSBody Cross Brace with Spike for Girard and Blue Comet$5.00Order
0412-LTC412-LTCRoof Latch Assembly for 400 Series Pass$15.00Order
0414-T04414T-04Pick Up Brkt Bl Cmt,Gir State St$2.50Order
0415-010415-10Control Tower Figure 415-20$3.60Order
0415-076415-76Buffer Spring$1.50Order
0415-078415-78Post and Brakewheel Assy$2.50Order
0415-089415-89Extension Spring$1.00Order
0415-115415-115Sand Hose 3 in$0.80Order
0416-NHR416-NHRHandrail for Rear Outer Wall Under Window of Observation$1.00Order
0418-016418-16Passenger Car Door RH 400 Series Unpted No Knob$2.00Order
0418-017418-17Passenger Car Door LH 400 Series Unpted No Knob$2.00Order
0418-021B418-21BStep Brass 2 Rung for 300 and 400 Series Passenger Cars$3.00Order
0418-030418-30Air Tank Unpainted No Ends$3.00Order
0418-031418-31Air Tank End Nickel$2.00Order
0418-032418-32Air Tank Unpainted with 2 Nickel Ends$6.00Order
0418-036K418-36KRoof Screw Knurled$1.00Order
0418-036S418-36SRoof Screw Slotted$0.60Order
0418-046418-46Triangle Coupler Receptacle$2.25Order
0418-047418-47Coupler Pin For Triangle$0.75Order
0418-DKB418-DKBDoor Knob for 400 Series Door Round Brass$0.60Order
0418-PCS418-PCSPassenger Car Seat Unpainted 2 Piece Kit$6.00Order
0418-T13Coupling Pin For Triangle Piece$0.30Order
0418-T39418T-39Roller for Passenger and Rolling Stock O Gauge$1.20Order
0418-TFP418-TFPPick Up Fiber Plate for Roller$1.00Order
0418-UBK418-UBKU Bracket for 10 Series Early Pickup Roller Assy $7.00Order
0425-300425-300Lamp 5 volt Clear Large Globe$2.00Order
0430-300430-300Lamp Clear 14v. Screw Base Old 27-3 27-1 27-6$0.75Order
0431-300431-300Lamp 14 v Clear Old number 315-20$2.00Order
0431-300L431-300LLED Replacement Bulb Bayonet Clear 12-14V$2.25Order
0431-301431-301Lamp Red Old Number 152-33 For 152 Crossing Gate Etc. Bayonet Base$2.00Order
0432-300432-300Light Bulb Clear 18 V Screw Base Large Globe Old 28-1 28-3$0.75Order
0432-301432-301Lamp Screw Base Red See Thru Old Number 28-6$1.50Order
0432-301A432-301ALamp Screw Base Red Opaque Old 28-6$1.50Order
0432-302432-302Light Bulb Green See Thru Old Number 408-45$1.50Order
0432-302A432-302ALamp, Green Opaque 408-45$1.50Order
0432-303432-303Lamp 18 V Amber$1.50Order
0433-300433-300Lamp Clear 18 v. old 717-54 Large Globe$1.50Order
0433-300L433-300LLED Replacement Bulb Bayonet Clear 12-14V$2.25Order
0433-301433-301Lamp, Red Opaque 18 v.$1.50Order
0433-302433-302Lamp,Bayonet Base,Green Opaque 18 v.$1.50Order
0437-010437-10Light Shade and Socket Unpainted Brass$9.95Order
0440-013440-13Plastic Cover (Meter Paper)$1.50Order
0440-017440-17Light Housing Complete for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$65.00Order
0440-021Handrail Stanchion Brass for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$3.00Order
0440-022440-22Handrail Stanchion Nickel (LTB) for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$5.00Order
0440-LHC440-LHCSignal Light Housing Complete for 440 0440 MTH$65.00Order
0441-016441-16Weight Set Brass for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
0441-019441-19Scale Arm for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
0441-041441-41Pressure Plate for 441 Weighing Scale Unpainted$50.00Order
0444-010444-10Brass Ball Roof Screw For 444 Roundhouse$5.00Order
0445-007445-7Roof Green with Chimney$12.00Order
0445-012445-12Chimney Maroon$2.50Order
0445-013445-13Balcony, Green$2.50Order
0445-014445-14Long Window Frame, Green$2.25Order
0445-015445-15Door Frame$1.50Order
0445-018445-18Window Frame$1.00Order
0445-020445-20Window Glass Short$0.60Order
0445-021445-21Long Window Glass$1.25Order
0445-022445-22Door Glass$1.00Order
0445-025445-25Figure same as 0445-066 Blue w/Painted Face/Hands$3.60Order
0445-027445-27Stair Railing Use 4104-027$3.00Order
0445-038445-38Mounting Stud Short$1.00Order
0445-044445-44Chimney Speednut$0.40Order
0445-061445-61Eyelet for Lever$0.40Order
0445-065445-65Connecting Link$0.55Order
0450-013450-13Double Socket Cover with Clip Wire$7.00Order
0450-014450-14Terminal Clip$0.50Order
0450-027450-27Rivet Split Black$0.50Order
0450-030450-30Ladder 9 Rung$2.20Order
0450-037450-37Spring Wire$1.50Order
0450-051450-51Base Assy, Orig$10.00Order
0451-303451-303Bulb for 63 and 52 Lamp Post. Large with Crown Top 451 (NOT AVAILABLE)$6.00Order
0452-303452-303Lamp for No. 64$1.50Order
0455-008455-8Walking Beam Red$2.00Order
0455-013455-13Oil Drum Rack Black$1.80Order
0455-015455-15Drum Half$0.50Order
0455-016455-16Drum Half$1.00Order
0455-019455-19Counter Weight Red$1.20Order
0455-020455-20Speed Nut Like Original$0.60Order
0455-020A455-20ASpeed Nut White Plastic Hex New Lionel$0.60Order
0455-021455-21Outlet Pipe Assy$3.00Order
0455-023455-23Oil Drum Ends Indented like Original Current Lionel$2.00Order
0455-023L455-23LOil Drum Indented like Original$1.25Order
0455-023R455-23ROil Drum Ends Not Indented$1.50Order
0455-025455-2510 in Lamp Lead With Contact$2.00Order
0455-027455-27Spacer Fish Paper$0.50Order
0455-041455-41Connection Tube AKA Valve Head Black Plastic$7.00Order
0455-046455-46Outlet Pipe$1.00Order
0455-052455-52455 Oil Derrick Aluminum Replacement Tag (Adhesive)$2.50Order
0455-053455-53Billboard for Sunoco Derrick Repro$4.75Order
0455-067455-67Plunger and Arm Assy$2.00Order
0455-073455-73Eyelet for Handrail Cord on 456 Ramp$0.50Order
0455-076455-76Binding Post 600-0455-076 Metric Thread Use 2305-056 Nut$1.50Order
0455-076A455-76ABinding Post 6SP-0455-076 Metric Postwar$1.50Order
0456-032456-32Side Bumper Spring$1.25Order
0456-059456-59Handrail Cord 2 Tone Nylon Like Orig Pair$1.50Order
0456-062456-62Handrail Spring$0.60Order
0456-064456-64Anchor Tack$0.50Order
0456-083456-83Coal Bin with Door and Posts *Used* $22.00Order
0456-084456-84Coal Bin Door $2.00Order
0456-085456-85Coal Bin Post$1.00Order
0456-124456-124Fiber Washer$0.50Order
0460-060460-60Figure For Piggy Back Platform Blue$2.50Order
0461-300461-300Beacon Lamp With Dent 14v. Old 394-10$2.50Order
0464-007464-7Roof Gray$5.00Order
0464-012464-12Overhead Door$3.00Order
0464-015464-15Crane Arm White$5.00Order
0464-017464-17Log Apron, Molded White$5.00Order
0464-019464-19Timber Plate$1.50Order
0464-021464-21Dust Collector Red$5.00Order
0464-038464-38U Pivot$1.80Order
0464-505464-505Cord Black per Foot $1.00Order
0465-005465-5Horn Yellow New Lionel Use 4162-125$0.50Order
0465-006465-6Antenna Post Dark Yellow$2.50Order
0465-007465-7Antenna Dish Dark Yellow$3.00Order
0465-012465-12Antenna Assy Complete Dark Yellow 1 Post 2 Dishes$6.50Order
0480-004480-4Coupler Armature Assy W/OTab$3.50Order
0480-005480-5Bottom Frame No Coupler or Armature$5.00Order
0480-008480-8Knuckle Die Cast$1.40Order
0480-010480-10Collector Support$2.50Order
0480-016480-16Knuckle Spring$0.25Order
0480-018A480-18AHorseshoe Washer Nickel$0.25Order
0480-018B480-18BHorseshoe Washer Black$0.25Order
0480-019480-19Rivet For Armature Spring and Roller Assemblies$0.10Order
0480-019A480-19ARivet For Armature Spring Pack of 12$0.90Order
0480-019B480-19BRivet For Armature Spring Pack of 50$3.25Order
0480-020480-20Collector Shoe Rivet$0.40Order
0480-025480-25Base Plate and Coupler New Lionel$8.75Order
0480-031480-31Coupler Head Complete Repro$3.75Order
0480-033480-33Axle Double Swedged Nickle Plated$0.80Order
0480-038480-38Armature Spring$0.50Order
0480-039480-39Locking Pin$0.60Order
0480-042480-42Coupler Armature Assy W/Tab$3.20Order
0481-005481-5Bottom Frame$2.50Order
0481-006481-6Contact Roller and Support Assy for Trucks w/out Slide Shoe$3.00Order
0481-010481-10Base Plate With Roller Complete Use 9702-062$19.00Order
0481-010A481-10ARivet Use TT-234$0.40Order
0481-011481-11Collector Roller$1.50Order
0481-012481-12Roller Rivet$0.25Order
0483-002483-2Coupler Base Plate with Slide Shoe New Lionel$11.75Order
0485-010485-10Coupler Head No Knuckle$2.00Order
0485-011485-11Lock-Pin Assy$4.00Order
0485-016485-16Truck Stud$1.00Order
0485-017485-17Pivot Washer$1.00Order
0485-018485-18Armature and Frame Assy$4.00Order
0485-019485-19Bottom Frame Only$4.20Order
0485-020485-20Armature Plate$2.00Order
0485-022485-22Contact Eyelet$0.35Order
0485-026485-26Collector Assy Complete With Spring Loaded Contact$3.00Order
0485-028485-28Coupler Head with Knuckle (Photo is w/out Knuckle)$2.25Order
0485-030485-30Spring Rivet$0.35Order
0485-032485-32Spring for Roller Assy Original$0.20Order
0486-004486-4Bottom Frame Assy Comp.Repro$9.00Order
0487-003487-3Truck Side$4.50Order
0487-009487-9Coupler Drawbar Assy$6.50Order
0487-020487-20Lock Link$1.50Order
0487-021487-21Lock Link Spring$0.50Order
0487-022487-22Centering Spring$1.00Order
0487-023487-23Drawbar Stud$0.80Order
0488-001488-1Operating Truck w/ P-U Crimp Style New Lionel (Old 487-1)$16.00Order
0490-007490-7Coupler & Drawbar Assy LTD$10.00Order
0490-010490-10Bottom Frame No Roller$4.20Order
0494-003494-3Top Platform Black$5.00Order
0494-014494-14Insulating Bushing Plastic$0.80Order
0494-017494-17Beacon Housing Complete Red and Green Lenses$12.00Order
0497-030497-30Transfer Pulley$0.60Order
0497-031497-31Transfer Pulley Shaft$1.50Order
0497-034497-34Sign Strip$1.75Order
0497-051497-51Chute Stud Also Safety Locking Pin for Exploding Box Car$1.20Order
0497-063497-63Roof Green$16.00Order
0500-001500-1Scout Coupler Truck Used$7.50Order
0500-179500-179Rivet .120" DIAM x .220" DIAM x .248" LNTH$1.00Order
0501-001501-1Plain Truck Complete,Scout Used$5.50Order
0511-003B511-3BLumber Stake Brass$1.80Order
0511-003N511-3NLumber Stake Nickel$1.80Order
0511-004B511-4BStake Pocket Brass$1.80Order
0511-004N511-4NStake Pocket Nickel$1.80Order
0511-FCW511-FCWFlat Car Wood Load 500 Series$10.00Order
0513-11B513-11BDoor Handle Brass$1.50Order
0513-11N513-11NDoor Handle Nickel$1.50Order
0514-004514-4Box Car Door 514 Painted White No Handle$5.00Order
0514-014514-14Door Guide for 513 514 813 814 Unpainted$4.00Order
0514-RDB514-RDBDoor Kit Reefer Brass Trim Unpainted 4 Doors$10.00Order
0514-RDN514-RDNDoor Kit Reefer Nick Trim Unpntd 4 Doors$10.00Order
0517-PLT517-PLT517 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$4.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBWindow Brass for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBWindow Black for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBWindow Brass for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBWindow Black for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBLWindow Brass for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDB517-WDBLWindow Black for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDBLWindow Black for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0517-WDN517-WDNWindow Nickel for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
0520-006Searchlight Brass Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
0520-012520-12Pantograph Spring$1.00Order
0520-030520-30Dummy Coupler w Antenna Springs LTD$6.50Order
0520-031520-31Shoulder Rivet$1.00Order
0520-035520-35Pantograph Black Plastic no Spring$2.50Order
0520-050520-50Pilot Coupler Truck$15.50Order
0521-008521-8Alignment Spring$1.00Order
0521-009521-9Pivot Rivet$1.00Order
0526-300526-300Clear Large Globe Screw Base 18 Volt$1.00Order
0565-045565-45Lamp Contact Socket$1.00Order
0566-016566-16Truck Rivet 1/4 Long For Longer Rivet Use 9251-060$0.40Order
0566-054566-54Knuckle w/Moulded Tabs and Springs$2.00Order
0581-009581-9Ground Spring$1.75Order
0581-010581-10Roller Pickup Carriage $6.00Order
0582-003582-3Truck Stud$0.90Order
0585-025585-25Dummy Coupler Ground Truck Orig Unused$7.00Order
0600-011Platform Railing (no steps) Original$5.00Order
0600-011A600-11APlatform Railing (no Steps) Original$5.00Order
0600-012600-12Front Platform Steps (no railing) Original$5.00Order
0600-013A600-13ARear Platform Steps (no railing) Original$5.00Order
0600-015600-15Truck Clip Aluminum *Use 1002-6 Black*$0.80Order
0600-016600-16Tubular Rivet$0.25Order
0600-019600-19Bell Die Cast Electroplated Gold Repro$3.50Order
0600-021600-21Coupler Bracket$1.75Order
0600-025600-25Horn Metal$1.00Order
0600-037600-37Collector Spring$0.75Order
0600-104600-104Bushing for Magnetic Axle$2.00Order
0600-109600-109Bearing Plate Repro No Bearing Ball For Ball Use 0600-110$2.50Order
0600-110600-110Ball Bearing$0.50Order
0600-123600-123Field, GP-9$7.00Order
0600-129600-129Thrust Washer Nylon Plastic$0.30Order
0600-130600-130Spring Use 8855-056$0.35Order
0600-131600-131Cup Washer Use 0601-131$0.80Order
0600-136600-136Bushing Plain Axle$1.50Order
0600-138600-138Coupler Head Centering Shaft T Type$2.00Order
0600-139Cast Coupler Head Full Collar$2.50Order
0600-HCP600-HCPLong Hook Coupler for Early O Gauge Cars Twist$4.00Order
0600-SET600-SETPassenger Car Water Decal Set Black 600/601/602$16.00Order
0601-006601-6Frame Box New Style$2.50Order
0601-040601-40Seaboard Heart Decal Pair Self Adhes.$1.50Order
0601-040A601-40ASeaboard Heart Decal Pair Water Sol.$3.00Order
0601-131601-131Cup Washer$0.80Order
0601-WSD601-WSDSeaboard Letters Decal Pair Water Sol. 601/02 6250$3.00Order
0603-WSD603-WSDDecals for Passenger Cars 603 603 604 Black Letters Waterslide$16.00Order
0616-048616-48Pickup Strip$3.00Order
0616-AP616-AP616 Number Plate Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
0616-T09616T-09Slider Collector Shoe For Vestibules Button Style Not Roller$3.00Order
0617-009617-9Ornamental Bell Silver Plastic$2.40Order
0617-AP617-AP617 Self Adhesive Plate Pair$4.00Order
0618-NBO618-NBONumber Board 618 Used Original Pair Nice$8.00Order
0620-004620-4Searchlight Lens Plastic$1.25Order
0620-2620620-2620Lens Retaining Ring$0.75Order
0622-005622-5Smoke Stack Black$3.00Order
0622-007622-7Lock Plate $2.25Order
0622-008622-8Horn Aluminum$2.50Order
0622-009622-9Ornamental Bell Black Plastic $2.50Order
0622-010622-10Radio Wheel Black$2.25Order
0622-011622-11Long Headlite Lens$1.20Order
0622-012622-12Headlight Lens Short$1.00Order
0622-013622-13Marker Lens Clear RH$1.50Order
0622-014622-14Marker Lens LH$1.50Order
0622-015622-15Hand Rail Stainless Pre Bent$4.00Order
0622-017622-17Tubular Rivet$0.25Order
0622-028622-28Dowel Pin$0.80Order
0622-041A622-41ATruck Side Black LTI$10.00Order
0622-050622-50Pivot Screw 4-40 Thread$0.60Order
0622-051622-51Worm Axle$1.20Order
0622-053622-53Bell Hammer Arm Assy$3.50Order
0622-054622-54Bell Spacer$0.70Order
0622-056622-56Drawbar Pivot Rivet$1.00Order
0622-057622-57Centering Spring for Coil Coupler$0.60Order
0622-058622-58Coupler and Drawbar Assy$12.00Order
0622-059622-59Truck Frame Assy. New$20.00Order
0622-060622-60Truck Mounting Pivot Screw$1.00Order
0622-064622-64Bell Trk Pivot Brkt$2.50Order
0622-068622-68Collector Shoe Rivet Use 0480-020$0.50Order
0622-071622-71Worm Wheel, sub 623-22$3.40Order
0622-072622-72E Unit Bracket$3.00Order
0622-076622-76End Handrail$1.20Order
0622-077622-77Hand Rail Support$0.80Order
0622-079622-79Side Handrail$1.25Order
0622-085622-85Truck Side, Black$2.50Order
0622-086622-863 1/2 inch Lamp Lead Assy$1.00Order
0622-088622-88Lamp Lead Assy 4 1/2 inch $1.00Order
0622-104622-104Field Complete$25.00Order
0622-106622-106Field Mounting Stud$2.50Order
0622-117622-117Brush Holder Brass$1.40Order
0622-119622-119Oil Wick$0.75Order
0622-121622-121Carbon Brush Slotted for Almost All Locos $0.60Order
0622-123622-123Rivet For Diesel Pilots and Launch Racks$0.20Order
0622-125622-125SF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
0622-126B622-126BGM Decal Red 1/4 in. large Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
0622-126bl622-126blGM Decal black large. Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
0622-126blk622-126blkGM Decal, black small Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
0622-126RL622-126RLGM Decal Red Large Pair Water Sol$2.50Order
0622-126wGM Decal White,1/4 in. Pair Self Adhesive$2.00Order
0622-13/14622-13/14Marker lights clear curved like original $2.50Order
0622-135622-135Spring R.H.$0.80Order
0622-136622-136Spring L.H.$0.80Order
0622-145622-145Collector Spring RH$0.80Order
0622-146622-146Collector Spring LH$0.80Order
0622-172622-172Lower Motor Housing$5.00Order
0622-181622-181Worm Wheel$6.00Order
0622-188622-188Truck Pivot Bracket Thin for Front Truck aka Bell Truck$3.00Order
0622-188A622-188ATruck Pivot Bracket for Rear Motor Truck Use 8501-198$3.00Order
0622-191622-191Brush Spring$0.60Order
0622-199622-199Motor Truck Pivot Plate$2.80Order
0622-216622-216Top Bushing for 600 Series Brushplates$1.00Order
0622-HRS622-HRSHandrail Set for Cab 2ea 622-80 2ea 622-15$3.00Order
0622-SAD622-SADDecal Set for 622 NYC, White Self Adhes.$3.00Order
0622-WSD622-WSDSF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
0623-010623-10Geared Wheel No Axle $8.00Order
0623-020623-20Self Lubricating Bearing$0.75Order
0623-022623-22Worm Wheel$9.50Order
0624-008624-8C&O Medallion Water Decal Pr.$3.00Order
0624-009624-9C&O Side Lettering Water Decal Pr.$4.00Order
0624-SAD624-SADC&O Decal Set Complete Self Adhes$3.00Order
0629-017629-17Roof Screw for O Gauge Pass Car Slotted$0.75Order
0633-008633-8Lamp Brkt$0.50Order
0633-107633-107Nylon Insulating Shoulder Washer$0.40Order
0638-SP638-SPSideplate for 638 Pr.$1.50Order
0646-013646-13Bracket and Crosshead Assy.$5.00Order
0652-PLT652-PLT652 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLT653-PLT653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLTA653-PLTA653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0653B653BHopper Side Brakewheel Brass$2.50Order
0654-PLT654 Plate Set with Lionel Lines 2 each$5.00Order
0654-PLTANo 654 and Lionel Lines BRASS Plate SA$5.00Order
0654-SAD654-SAD654 Tank Decal Set Lrg Letters SUNX Sunoco Sm Arrow W/ Gas Oils$4.00Order
0654-SADA654-SADA654 Tank Decal Set Sma Letters SUNX Sunoco Lrg Arrow W/ Gas Oils$3.00Order
0654-TRB654-TRBTank Car Hand Rail Brass 804, 654, 2654$3.50Order
0654-TRN654-TRNTank Car Hand Rail Nickle,804, 654, 2654$3.50Order
0655-DK655-DKDoor for Box Car, Knob Hole, in Primer$3.50Order
0655-G655-GGuide, for Box Car Door 3 3/4"$2.75Order
0655-K655-KDoor Knob Brass Round Tinplate Boxcar Doors and Some 444 Roundhouse Doors$2.25Order
0655-PLT655-PLT655 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0655-plta655-pltaNo 655 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0656-PLT656-PLT656 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0657-PLT657-PLTNo 657 and Lionel Lines Nickel Plate SA$5.00Order
0657-plta657-pltaNo 657 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0671-006671-6Handrail R.H.$2.50Order
0671-007671-7Handrail L.H.$2.50Order
0671-00B671-B6200 Keystone Black Sticker$0.75Order
0671-00R671-R6200 Keystone Red Sticker$1.00Order
0671-013671-13Boiler Front Clip$4.50Order
0671-020671-20Axle Bushing$1.50Order
0671-021671-21Axle Swedged (Knurled)$3.00Order
0671-032671-32Apron Rear Steps$3.00Order
0671-033671-33Cup Washer$0.90Order
0671-039671-39Ball Bearing$0.25Order
0671-066671-66Smoke Bulb 14 V For 671-726-2020$5.00Order
0671-081671-81Truck Stud$1.20Order
0671-084671-84Center Wheel,used$2.00Order
0671-085671-85Axle Retainer$2.00Order
0671-086671-86Truck Pivot Screw 6-32 Rounded Flat Head Black$1.20Order
0671-086A671-86ATruck Pivot Screw 6-32 Hex Head Black w/NYLOK$1.20Order
0671-094671-94Front Truck T Stud$1.20Order
0671-098671-98Side Rod used$4.00Order
0671-098A671-98ASide Rod Repro$2.00Order
0671-099G671-99GHex Screw W/ Groove$1.00Order
0671-106671-106Collector Frame Only$1.80Order
0671-107671-107Collector Rivet$0.50Order
0671-108671-108Collector Spring$0.60Order
0671-111671-111Roller Pins On Ends Are Part Of The Roller$1.10Order
0671-112671-112Insulating Washer$0.40Order
0671-140671-140E-Unit Plunger Return Spring$0.25Order
0671-151671-151Spring Conical$0.30Order
0671-158671-158Nameplate No Letters$1.75Order
0671-160671-160Metal smoke cap INSIDE FIT$5.50Order
0671-167671-167Smoke Piston$4.50Order
0671-169671-169Heater Assy Pill Type Early No Ceramic$10.00Order
0671-180671-180Worm Wheel$6.00Order
0671-181671-181Stack Gasket$0.50Order
0671-182671-182Smoke Cam$1.00Order
0671-183671-183Worm Cover$1.25Order
0671-184671-184Drawbar For Turbines$3.50Order
0671-185671-185Truck Pivot Screw Long Shoulder$2.00Order
0671-185S671-185STruck Pivot Screw w3/16 Short Shoulder use 675-23$2.00Order
0671-186671-186Insulator Plate$2.50Order
0671-188671-188Smoke Lever Tab Up Repro$1.50Order
0671-200671-200Collector Terminal$2.00Order
0671-201671-201Dowel Pin$0.50Order
0671-209671-2094 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$0.00
0671-212671-212Smoke liner Use 671-221$0.75Order
0671-221671-221Smoke Unit Liner$0.75Order
0671-223671-223Lamp Contact and Wire 10 inch Lead$1.25Order
0671-225671-225Smoke Heater Assy Pill Type 17-19 Ohm$10.50Order
0671-225L671-225LLiquid Smoke Conversion Kit 6 Piece Assembled$5.40Order
0671-231671-231Smoke Unit Housing and Bracket New Style$3.00Order
0671-231A671-231ASmoke Unit Housing Metal Pot Only$3.00Order
0671-238671-238Side Rod Screw Hex No Groove$2.00Order
0671-238G671-238GSide Rod Screw Hex With Groove$1.00Order
0671-248671-248Axle Bushing$1.50Order
0671-RWS671-RWS6200 Keystone Red Water Sol. Decal$1.25Order
0675-014675-14Boiler Front 5690 Red Keystone Complete Use 0675-032$18.00Order
0675-014A675-14ABoiler Front 6200 Red Keystone Complete$23.00Order
0675-015675-15Boilerfront Spring Clip$1.25Order
0675-017675-17Wire and Washer Lamp Lead Assy 8 in$1.00Order
0675-019675-19Pilot Truck Assy. 2 Wheel$6.00Order
0675-021675-21Rear Truck *Repro*$18.50Order
0675-023675-23Trailing Truck Screw$2.00Order
0675-026675-26Smoke Stack Aluminum$3.00Order
0675-031675-31Ornamental Bell$2.50Order
0675-032675-32Boilerfront Complete 5690 Red Keystone$22.00Order
0675-KDS675-KDSKeystone 5690 for 671,2025, 2035 Sticker$0.75Order
0675-KDW675-KDWKeystone 5690 for 671 675 2025 2035 Water Sol$1.50Order
0681-015681-15Collector Roller Uses Pin #0681-016.$1.50Order
0681-016681-16Roller Pin$0.45Order
0681-022681-22Smoke Lever Tab Down$1.50Order
0681-023681-23Center Wheel$3.00Order
0681-120681-120Rear Bushing$1.00Order
0681-121681-121Thrust Bearing / .190" ID X .368" OD$4.00Order
0682-005682-5Lubricating Linkage$6.75Order
0682-009682-9Hex Head Drive Stud For Linkage to Body$2.00Order
0682-012682-12Side Rod Spacer See 0682-014$1.60Order
0682-014682-14Side Rod Spacer$1.60Order
0682-155682-155Armature Bearing$0.60Order
07-1413Front Nose Handrail Wide Black 1 ea for C44-9W$1.25Order
0700-022Door Assy$1.80Order
0701-012701-12Center Wheel Assy Geared$6.75Order
0701-015701-15Geared End Wheel$6.75Order
0701-016701-16Plain Center Wheel$6.75Order
0701-018701-18Plain End Wheel Assy$6.75Order
0711-037711-37Fixed Contact Assy. Original$5.00Order
0711-052711-52Red Lens, Late (LTI)$0.50Order
0711-053711-53Green Lens, Late (LTI)$0.50Order
0711-054711-54Lantern Assy. 1945-60 Style$1.75Order
0711-054A711-54ALantern Assy. Current Lionel May Need to Trim Base Slots$3.50Order
0711-060711-60Fixed Contact Insul.$0.50Order
0711-065711-65Retaining Pin Rivet Also for Drawbar$1.00Order
0711-075711-75Lamp Lead 3-3/4" And Contact For O22 Switch$1.00Order
0711-099711-99Solder Lug $0.25Order
0711-100711-100Binding Post Metric Thread$1.40Order
0711-101711-101Terminal Post Bushing LTD$4.00Order
0711-111711-111Lantern Retainer Pivot Rivet$0.95Order
0711-113711-113Lock Hinge Bar$1.00Order
0711-11952-42Die Cast Lantern Retainer For O22 Switch$3.00Order
0711-11952-42Diecast Lantern Retainer for O22 Switch$3.75Order
0711-119711-119Diecast Lantern Retainer for O22 Switch$3.75Order
0711-119711-119Die Cast Lantern Retainer For O22 Switch$3.00Order
0711-119711-119Diecast Lantern Retainer for O22 Switch$3.75Order
0711-119711-119Die Cast Lantern Retainer For O22 Switch$3.00Order
0711-121711-121Spring Repro$1.75Order
0711-129711-129Term Plate Assy.$3.50Order
0711-147711-147Lamp Socket$1.20Order
0711-150711-150Rack and Pin$1.50Order
0711-151711-151Fixed Voltage Plug use 5132-152$3.25Order
0711-203711-203Lamp Bracket$0.35Order
0711-206711-206Lamp Head and Brkt Assy / Replacement uses Screw Base Bulb$2.00Order
0711-207711-207Rivet .093 x .140$0.60Order
0711-208711-208Switch Coil Frame$0.25Order
0711-211711-211Lamp Head and Brkt Assy for Screw Base Bulb$2.50Order
0714-009714-9Door, Cast Unpainted Repro$3.25Order
0714-010714-10Door Latch$1.25Order
0714-016714-16Drive Screw$0.25Order
0714-188714-188Box Car Step for Scale Cars$1.00Order
0715-010715-10Tank Car Ladder$2.25Order
0715-018BN715-18BNStep for Scale Cars Black$0.75Order
0715-021715-21Metal Brakewheel$0.50Order
0715-021R715-21RMetal Brakewheel w/Drive Rivet$0.75Order
0715-023715-23Handrail and Four Stanchions Black$5.75Order
0715-SHE715-SHEDecal Wtr Sol Shell 715 4 Piece Set for 2 Sides$6.00Order
0715-SUNW715-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$1.00Order
0715-SUNX715-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$1.00Order
0717-014S717-14SSmoke Stack, Die Cast Black$2.25Order
0717-051717-51Fiber Washer Small Hole in Middle$0.25Order
0717-054Lamp, Clear (0433-300)$1.50Order
0717-065717-65Brakewheel Staff Not Ptd-$0.30Order
0721-050721-506" Lamp Lead$1.25Order
0726-025726-25Side Rod Nickel Finish Original$4.75Order
0726-025R726-25RSide Rod Repro$4.00Order
0726-034726-34Main Rod Assy LH$8.00Order
0726-035726-35Main Rod Only$4.00Order
0726-036726-36Valve Gear Assy RH$7.00Order
0726-037726-37Valve Gear Assy LH$7.00Order
0726-038726-38Screw For Top Valve Gear$1.00Order
0726-039726-39Eccentric Crank Spacer Sleeve$1.00Order
0726-042726-42Main Rod Assy RH$8.00Order
0726-045726-45Drawbar. Sub: 0736-021$2.25Order
0726-046726-46Rear Truck Screw 6-32 Thread$1.00Order
0726-049726-49Crosshead Drive Screw Hex Head$0.40Order
0726-057726-57Smoke Gasket *USE 0671-181*$0.30Order
0726-063726-63Ecc Baldwin Center Wheel Orig New$20.00Order
0726-094726-94Smokestack Unpainted Aluminum$1.50Order
0726-099726-99Smoke Lever$3.50Order
0726-100726-100Smoke Push Rod (LMT 1 order)$4.50Order
0726-101726-101Collector Insulator$2.25Order
0726-102726-102Nickel Whistle w/Nut Use 726-112$2.60Order
0726-104726-104Flag Staff Black$2.00Order
0726-104A726-104AFlag Staff Nickel$1.00Order
0726-105726-105Valve Hanger Assy.$8.20Order
0726-112726-112Nickel Whistle w/Nut$2.60Order
0726-122726-1226" Lamp Lead Wire with Contact$1.00Order
0726-125726-125Worm Wheel (For Single Gear Locomotive Only)$4.00Order
0726-W14726W-14Mounting Screw for Postwar and Modern Whistles$0.50Order
0736-012736-12Side Rod Screw 4-40$0.75Order
0736-022736-22Groove Pin$0.60Order
0736-029736-29Lock Washer for Valve Gear Postwar$0.50Order
0736-030736-30Screw Eccentric Crank 4-40 x 5/8$1.00Order
0736-037736-37Rear Truck Pivot Screw Slotted Black 6-32 Original$3.00Order
0736-037H736-37HRear Truck Pivot Screw Hex Head Black 6-32$1.50Order
0736-037HN736-37HNRear Truck Pivot Screw Hex Head Black 6-32 Nylok On Threads$1.60Order
0736-044736-44Smoke Lever$3.50Order
0736-113736-113Smoke Box Door Assy. No Lens New Lionel$11.20Order
0746-007746-7RH Handrail$2.00Order
0746-010746-10Clear Boiler Front Lens (No Numbers Repro)$5.75Order
0746-013746-13LH Handrail$2.00Order
0746-025746-25Collector Assy Double Roller With Lead$14.00Order
0746-026746-26Collector Assy Double Roller No Lead$10.00Order
0746-030746-30Valve Hanger Assy.$20.00Order
0746-033A746-33ASmoke Unit Lever MPC Style Shorter Where Piston Rides$3.50Order
0746-034746-34Drive Rod Assy LH$3.50Order
0746-036746-36Drive Rod Assy RH$3.50Order
0746-040746-40Valve Gear Assy LH$3.30Order
0746-042746-42Valve Gear Assy RH$3.30Order
0746-058746-58Smoke Unit Bracket$0.75Order
0746-074746-74Smoke Piston$4.50Order
0752-001752-1Window strip for pass car pair$4.00Order
0752-009752-9Bulb, 18 Volt.Use 1447-300$2.00Order
0752-013752-13Motor Mounting Screw$1.50Order
0752-015752-15Headlight Lens Thin Flat 752 616 636 238 1668 1688 etc$1.00Order
0752-016752-16Handrail Nickel for Streamliners$1.25Order
0752-016A752-16AHandrail Brass for Streamliners$1.25Order
0752-016B752-16BHandrail Backplate$1.25Order
0752-034752-34Roof Screw for Streamline Cars$0.60Order
0752-042752-42Coupler Hook Drawbar for Streamline Pass Cars W/Screw$2.50Order
0752-m10000752m-10000Pass Car Window strips Pair$4.00Order
0754-FRM754-FRMFrame, Cast for Observation Unpntd$60.00Order
0754-OBS754-OBSRear End Cast for Observation Unpntd No Lenses$30.00Order
0773-015773-15Axle Bushing$3.20Order
0773-016773-16Worm Wheel$8.00Order
0773-019773-19Axle Swaged For Gear Center$2.50Order
0773-020773-20Drive Axle Knurled$2.00Order
0773-028773-28Center Wheel W/O Pin 773 783 $5.00Order
0773-029773-29Worm Assy for Hudson, Pin Type Coupling$26.00Order
0773-035773-35Worm Housing Cover$1.00Order
0773-043773-43Crosshead Guide Support LH.$1.00Order
0773-045773-45Side Rod Screw Hex Head 3-48$0.30Order
0773-048773-48Crosshead Screw$1.40Order
0773-051773-51Crosshead Assy LH$6.00Order
0773-058773-58Collector Arm with Roller$1.50Order
0773-062773-62Insulating Bushing$1.00Order
0773-063773-63Collector Insert$3.10Order
0773-067773-67Pilot Truck Wheel$0.80Order
0773-069773-69Rear Truck Spring$1.50Order
0773-071773-71Link Stud$1.50Order
0773-072773-72Pivot Screw$1.50Order
0773-074773-74Link Shoulder Screw 6-32 x .812$1.30Order
0773-079773-79Bearing Cap Pin$0.50Order
0773-086773-86Truck Stud / .196" DIAM x .805" LNTH$3.00Order
0773-128773-128Sleeving 6 in.$0.40Order
0773-145773-145Eccentric Crank Screw Hex Head$1.25Order
0773-146773-146Crank Pin Stud For Center Drive Wheel$0.60Order
0782-001782-1Hiawatha pass car Window strips 782,783,784$4.00Order
0783-006783-6Bottom Casting Coach Car 783 793 $60.00Order
0792-001792-1Rail Chef Pass cars window strip for 792,793,794$4.00Order
0797-300797-300Smoke Bulb 14v Smoke Bulb 14 V For 671-726-2020$5.00Order
0800-515800-515Sunoco Decal Wtr Sol Lg Arrow Gas Oils One Decal$2.00Order
0800-FRM800-FRMFrame Painted Black For 800 Series MTH$25.00Order
0803-B803-BBrakewheel Brass 600 2600 800 2800 Series$1.00Order
0803-N803-NBrakewheel Nickle 600 2600 800 2800 series$1.00Order
0804-015B804-15BTender & Tank Dome, Small, Brass$1.50Order
0804-015N804-15NTender & Tank Dome, Small, Nickle$1.50Order
0804-PLT804-PLT804 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0804-WSD804-WSDShell in Red Trimmed Black Pair 804 654 2654 etc Water Sol$3.00Order
0806-DH806-DHDoor for Cattlecar, Open Bar, 2 Slot$4.00Order
0807-100Adlake Lited Marker Lites R-R-G$16.75Order
0809-100Adlake Lited Marker Lites R-Y-Y$16.75Order
0810-020810-20Section Gear and Shaft$12.00Order
0811-1B811-1BLumber Stake Brass$1.25Order
0811-1N811-1NLumber Stake,Nickle$1.25Order
0814-DHB814-DHBDoor Handle Brass$1.25Order
0815-03B815-3BLadder for 815 2815 Tank Car Brass$3.50Order
0815-03N815-3NLadder for 815 2815 Tank Car Nickel$3.50Order
0815-SAP815-SAPNo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Brass Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-SAPA815-SAPANo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Nickel Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-TCR815-TCRHand Rail for 815 2815 Tank Car Nickel 2 Required$3.50Order
0815-TCRB815-TCRBHand Rail for 815 2815 Tank Car Brass 2 Required$3.50Order
0816-003B816-3BLadder Brass 5 Rung 600 and 800 Series Tank Cars$4.50Order
0816-003N816-3NLadder Nickle 5 Rung 600 and 800 Series Tank Cars$3.00Order
0816-HPD816-HPDHopper Door Unpainted with Nickel Crank 816 2816$8.00Order
0817-BEN817-BENCaboose End Brass No Lenses or Bezels$10.00Order
0817-CEN817-CENCaboose End Nickel With Red Lenses$10.00Order
0817-CUP817-CUPCaboose Coupola for 0817-RNC Unpainted 817 etc$5.00Order
0817-PLT817-PLT817 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0817-RNC817-RNCCaboose Roof No Coupola Unpainted 817 etc$10.00Order
0820-006B820-6BSearchlight Ring,Brass 220,520,820$2.00Order
0820-006N820-6NSearchlight Ring,Nickel 220,520,820$2.00Order
0820-007820-7Searchlight Lens Plastic 220,520,820$1.00Order
0820-030820-30Searchlight Nickel Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
0820-421820-421Nickel Shoulder Screw for Searchlight Bracket to Housing 4-40 Thd$1.75Order
0831-001831-1Lumber Stake, Nickle for 831 651 2651$0.75Order
0831-004831-4Brakewheel Stand Nickel for Most O Gauge Flatcars$1.50Order
0840-001Pre War 840 Power House Water Tower$26.50Order
0840-072840-72Stairs for 840 Ind. Power Station Repro Unpainted$40.00Order
0840-072P840-72PStairs for 840 Ind. Power Station Repro Painted Cream$45.00Order
0955-6955-6Die Cast Frame, Unused$30.00Order
0MEW-1325AF Hook Coupler$3.00Order
0MEW-1325AF Hook Coupler (Item Above Not Available)$3.00Order
0MEW-1338Chicago Flyer, Car Whl 3/4 in dia.$3.50Order
0MEW-1340MEW-1340Flyer / Ives Car Axle 2-1/8 in.$2.00Order
0MEW-1350Wheel 13/16 in. AF or Ives$3.50Order
0MEW-164MEW-164Steam Wheel Open Spoke with boss$9.00Order
0MEW-172MEW-172Chicago AF Wheel Plain$7.50Order
0MEW-219MEW-219Crane Hook and Ball Assy$10.50Order
0MEW-374MEW-374Stamped Handrail Brass 3/4 in$1.60Order
0MEW-677MEW-677Carbon Brush Pair$2.00Order
0MEW-704MEW-704Wheel, Lead Truck Black$4.00Order
0MEW-714MEW-714600 700 Car Lt. Bracket with Wire$7.00Order
0MEW-722MEW-722Brakewheel Brass$3.50Order
0MEW-722-1MEW-722-1Brakewheel Nickel$3.50Order
0MEW-728-3MEW-728-3Crane Knob, Cup Shape$3.50Order
0MEW-818MEW-818Journal Eagle Nickel$1.44Order
0MEW-831MEW-831Searchlight Rim$4.75Order
0MEW-859Flyer Pass Car Window, Brass 3/4" x 1/2" 2 left in stock$3.00Order
0MEW-869MEW-8698 Rung Ladder Brass 3 in$5.00Order
0MEW-869-1MEW-869-18 Rung Ladder Nickel 3 in$5.00Order
0MEW-913MEW-913#800 Series Ladder, Brass 1-5/8 in.$3.75Order
1-140250DPBTiny Black Screw About 2mm Long 1mm Wide for K-4400SP$0.25Order
1-20060DPAScrew for Volume Control$0.25Order
1-20060DPMScrew for Coupler Arm Mounting Bracket$0.25Order
1-20100DPMScrew Black 10mm Long 2 mm Wide Thin Thread Small Head$0.25Order
1-26050DPWMScrew for Coupler Arm K2630 etc$0.25Order
1-26060-DPMScrew Phillips Head Black 5mm x 2mm$0.25Order
1-26060DPWMScrew Phillips Washer Head 5mm x 2mm for Hopper Plate?$0.25Order
1-2DNUTHex Nut$0.10Order
1-2DNUTNut for S Gauge Truck$0.10Order
1-301BONFMScrew Flat Phillips Silver 14mm x 3mm Motor Mounting$0.25Order
1.5KE33CATVS Diodes - Transient Voltage Suppressor 1500W 28.2V Bi-Directional $2.00Order
1/8 X 1/2 SRNSplit Rivet Nickel to Install Universal Knuckle Coupler XA13C067 Conversion from Link to Knuckle$0.75Order
10 X 1-1/4 OH10 X 1-1/4 OHScrew Black Oval Head Phillips #10 X 1-1/4"$0.55Order
10-1022Pilot for 402$20.00Order
10-1081Boom Shaft and Gear Assy for 200 Series Cranes$13.00Order
10-1142American Flyer Brass Brakewheel and Axle$8.00Order
10-2030American Flyer Smoke Stack for Caboose Brass BET No Screw$12.50Order
10-3031-1Frame for 249E 261, 262 etc$80.00Order
10-4031Flag Pole Top Finial$6.00Order
10-816010-8160Greenbergs Lionel Repair and Operating Manual 1945-69$24.95Order
1000-2061000-206Traction Tire For New Type Large Scale$1.50Order
1001-0071001-7Pilot Truck$4.00Order
1001-0131001-13Rear Truck *Used* 1001,1060$5.50Order
1001-0181001-18Side Rod$2.00Order
1001-0191001-19Side Rod Screw 4-40 Thread$0.90Order
1001-0211001-21Crosshead R or L Nickel$1.00Order
1001-021A1001-21ACrosshead RH or LH Black$0.70Order
1001-M091001M-09Stationary Field Used$2.50Order
1001-M221001M-22Pawl Spring for Scout Motor$5.00Order
1001-M331001M-33Cluster Gear *Limited 1 Per Order*$4.50Order
1001-M461001M-46Scout Motor Brush Large Diameter$1.25Order
1001-M471001M-47Brush Spring$1.00Order
1001-M481001M-48Drum Housing Cover LTD$0.50Order
1002-0061002-6Truck Mounting Clip .145 Black$0.95Order
1004-0101004-10Trophy NASCAR$7.40Order
1004-0201004-20Figure With Flag NASCAR$3.25Order
1007-0601007-60Parts Bag$8.00Order
1007-2061007-206Traction Tire For M10,000 and Zephyr LTD$1.60Order
1008-0011008-1Camtrol Uncoupler Orig$2.00Order
1011-0241011-24Orange Control Handle w/Compression Ring$3.50Order
1011-024A1011-24ARed Control Handle$3.50Order
1011-024R1011-24RRed Control Handle w/ Clip$3.50Order
1011-0781011-78Binding Post$2.00Order
1011-1001011-100Compression Ring for TW 1033 KW RW etc Handles$0.50Order
1012-0041012-4Contact Arm$0.25Order
1013-0171013-17O27 Steel Track Pin$0.30Order
1015-006C1015-6CSmoke Stack for 259,1681 Etc.Copper$7.00Order
1015-006N1015-6NSmoke Stack for 259,1681 Etc.Nickle$7.00Order
1015-0521015-52Square Binding Post$5.00Order
1015-0531015-53Cup Washer$0.20Order
101TTM101TTMCarbon Brush 1/2 x .168 dia.$1.25Order
1020-2061020-206TRACTION TIRE / 1.375" ID x .056" TH x .142" WD$1.50Order
1022-0241022-24Gear Pivot Stud$0.60Order
1022-0281022-28Operating Lever$3.25Order
1024-065U1024-65UInner Curve Rail RH USED$2.00Order
1024-066U1024-66UInner Curve Rail LH USED$2.00Order
1027-0101027-10Sir Topham Hatt Figure$4.00Order
1027-0201027-20Thomas Figure Number 1 With Short Coat$4.00Order
1027-0301027-30Thomas Figure Number 2 With Long Coat$4.00Order
102TTM102TTMCarbon Brush 1/2 x .168 dia.$1.25Order
1033-0151033-15Coil Insulator$0.15Order
1033-0251033-251033 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 90W (Trim to Fit)$7.50Order
1033-0411033-41Contact Arm$4.00Order
1033-0421033-42Switch Shaft With Contact (Not shown in photo)$12.50Order
1033-0431033-43Whistle Shaft$6.00Order
1033-0441033-44Contact Arm$3.00Order
1033-0471033-47Thumb Nut Original Style$0.60Order
1033-047A1033-47AThumb Nut New Style$0.50Order
1033-0621033-62Screw Phillips Head$0.30Order
1033-062A1033-62AScrew New Style Head (Clutch Head)$0.30Order
1033-0871033-87Replacement circuit breaker for Lionel Transformers $16.50Order
1033-0981033-98Centering Spring$2.00Order
1033-0991033-99Retaining Sleeve$1.25Order
1033-1081033-108Retaining Sleeve Late$2.00Order
1034-0101034-101034 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 75W Reproduction (Trim to Fit)$7.50Order
103TTM103TTMCarbon Brush .205 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
1041-0131041-13Rectifier Disc Repro$6.00Order
1041-013D1041-13DDiode Replacement for Rectifier Disc (2 recommended)$4.75Order
1041-0551041-55Solder Lug$0.25Order
1044-0031044-3Transformer Nameplate, Decal$3.00Order
1044-0051044-51044 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 90W Reproduction (Trim to Fit)$7.50Order
1044-0151044-15Binding Post Rivet 6-32 Thread$1.50Order
1044-0241044-24Control Shaft$4.50Order
1044-0311044-31HANDLE / ORIGINAL / NEW / VERY LIMITED$15.00Order
1044-0321044-32Handle Disc Chrome, Orig.$3.00Order
1044-0461044-46Circuit Breaker Assy. New Original MH LTD $12.50Order
1044-0611044-61Switch Shaft w/contacts$13.50Order
1045-0201045-201045 Flagman Nameplate NOS Madison$4.00Order
1047-0041047-4Base Assy.$13.00Order
1047-0071047-7Flag Red$0.35Order
104TTM-00A104TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
1050-0071050-7Hex Head Drive Screw$0.75Order
1050-1141050-114Drum Housing Cover LTD$0.50Order
1050-FB1050-FBFront Bracket for Crossheads 0-4-0 *Used* (not made for Pilot Truck)$2.00Order
10522Radiator GP7, GP9 (6)$2.25Order
1055-0511055-51Wheel Axle$1.00Order
1055-0561055-56Motor Mount Spring$0.25Order
105TTM105TTMCarbon Brush .270 X .180 dia.$1.25Order
105TTM-00A105TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia. $1.25Order
1061-0041061-4Front Truck Bracket$2.00Order
1063-0281063-28Cup Washer$2.00Order
1069-0241069-24Steamchest Assy for Hogwarts$36.00Order
1069-0341069-34Drive Rod Assy. LH for Hogwarts$6.00Order
1069-0361069-36Drive Rod Assy. RH for Hogwarts$8.00Order
1069-0501069-504-WHEEL TRUCK / PILOT / HOGWARTS 710-1069-050$14.00Order
1069-0531069-53Drive Wheelset w/Gear for Hogwarts$13.50Order
1069-0661069-66Bumper Black Pilot for Hogwarts$1.00Order
1069-1001069-100Motor with Flywheel and Gear for Hogwarts$18.50Order
1069-1021069-102Whistle Decorative Black for Hogwarts$5.00Order
1069-2061069-206Traction Tire for Hogwarts$0.50Order
1069-2061069-206TRACTION TIRE$1.25Order
1069-2061069-206Traction Tire for Hogwarts$0.50Order
1069-2061069-206TRACTION TIRE$1.25Order
1069-3021069-302Smoke Lever Assy for Hogwarts$5.40Order
1069-3051069-305Stanchion Brown for Hogwarts$2.00Order
1069-3061069-306Stanchion Black for Hogwarts$2.00Order
1069-T221069T-22Drawbar for Hogwarts Tender$3.10Order
1069-t501069t-50collector roller with insulator with wire$8.00Order
1069-T511069T-51Axel Contact for Hogwarts Tender$2.10Order
1069-T531069T-53Wheel Set Blind for Hogwarts Tender Center$6.50Order
1069-T541069T-54Wheel Set Flanged for Hogwarts Tender Front and Rear$6.50Order
1070-0101070-10Diaphragm for Hogwarts Passenger Car$2.20Order
1070-0501070-50Truck Complete for Hogwarts Passenger Car$12.50Order
1070-1501070-150Pick Up Assy for Hogwarts Passenger Car$2.10Order
107TTM107TTMCarbon Brush 11/32 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
108617Greenberg's Price Guide American Flyer 1946-2017$15.99Order
108717Greenberg's Price Guide Lionel 1901-2017$21.99Order
108TTM108TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .152 dia.$1.25Order
109TTM109TTMCarbon Brush 1/2 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
11-9902111-99021Illuminated Lock On O/O27/Std Guage for Tubular Track$5.49Order
1100-3001100-300Headlamp with Connector for Mikado Jr 610-1100-300$1.50Order
1100-T511100T-51Axel Bearing for Mikado Jr Tenders 610-1100-T51$1.10Order
1100-TPRTinplate Roof Square Corner for 1100 Series Pass Cars Repro Unpainted$2.50Order
1103-0021103-2Complete Body Shell Southern #1403$300.00Order
1103-0211103-21Boiler Front Assy Southern #1403$40.00Order
1103-0701103-70Pilot PS-4 Black 610-1103-070 (6-11103)$34.50Order
1104-T891104T-89Wheel Set Flanged For Big Boy Tender$6.00Order
1105-0161105-16Boilerfront Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production Nickel Rim All Lenses$22.00Order
1105-0251105-25Steamchest Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production No Hardware$22.00Order
1107-0341107-34Washer / .208" ID x .470" OD x .034" THK$0.30Order
1107-1501107-150Collector Roller Assembly$3.50Order
1107-3351107-335Collector Insulator Bottom$1.10Order
1108-0221108-22Washer / .210" ID x .390" OD x .022" THK$0.30Order
1108-0341108-34Washer / .208" ID x .470" OD x .034"THK$0.30Order
110TTM110TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
111-M001Copper Light Clip for Steam Engines$0.50Order
1110-0081110-8Drive Rod New Style Same as 8403-030$6.00Order
1110-008A1110-8ADrive Rod Old Style Flat$1.80Order
1110-008B1110-8BDrive Rod Old Style Used$1.00Order
1110-0091110-9Rear Truck Support$2.00Order
1110-0111110-11Rear Truck For Scouts$4.50Order
1110-08u1110-8uDrive Rod Used$1.00Order
1116-1451116-145Driveshaft / Dogbone$4.50Order
111TTM111TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
1120-0021120-2Front Truck Assy. Used$8.00Order
1120-002A1120-2AFront Truck Assy$12.50Order
1120-0081120-8Front Truck Frame$1.10Order
1120-0111120-11Front Truck Spring$0.80Order
1121-010USwitch Shutter USED$1.50Order
1121-0151121-15Lock and hinge$3.00Order
1121-027U1121-27UCoil and tube assy with plunger assy USED$10.00Order
1121-0411121-41Rail Insulator Black$1.00Order
1121-0441121-44Rail Insulator Red$1.00Order
1121-070U1121-70UStraight 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-0731121-73Switch Cover$7.50Order
1121-074U1121-74UCurved 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-075U1121-75UCurved 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-C551121C-55Lens, Red for 1121 also 151 Semaphore$0.90Order
1121-C55m1121-C55mRed Lens Smooth$1.25Order
1121-C55oRed Lens Original$2.00Order
1121-C561121C-56Lens, Green for 1121 also 151 Semaphore$0.90Order
1121-C56m1121-C56mGreen Lens Smooth$1.25Order
1121-C56o1121-C56oGreen Lens Original$2.00Order
1121-C601121C-60O-27 Switch Controller *Refurbished* w/4' Wire$25.00Order
1121-C611121C-61Cover Assy.Complete$7.50Order
1121-C681121C-68Switch Control Shutter Link$1.20Order
1122-0161122-16Swivel Rail RH$0.60Order
1122-0181122-18Swivel Rail LH$0.60Order
1122-0241122-24Frog Bushing$0.50Order
1122-0251122-25Swivel Rail LH$0.60Order
1122-0381122-38Strt. Rail Center$0.80Order
1122-0411122-41Curve Rail Ctr. RH$0.80Order
1122-0421122-42Curve Rail Center LH$0.80Order
1122-0661122-66Indicator Bracket$0.75Order
1122-1001122-100O-27 Switch Controller *Refurbished* w/4' Wire$25.00Order
1122-1151122-115Lamp Socket Assy$3.95Order
1122-1201122-120Cover Screw$0.60Order
1122-1251122-125Lens Red for 1122-123 lantern assy (LTD)$2.00Order
1122-1591122-159Aux. Rail RH$0.30Order
1122-1651122-165Aux. Rail LH$2.20Order
1122-1771122-177Lantern Assy Repro$2.50Order
1122-1781122-178Frog R.H.$0.85Order
1122-1811122-181Base Insulation$0.50Order
1122-1831122-183Plunger Assy.$1.00Order
1122-1861122-186Straight Rail, R.H.$0.85Order
1122-1901122-190Curve Rail Long RH$0.85Order
1122-1911122-191Curve Rail Long LH$0.85Order
1122-1931122-193Short Straight Rail$1.00Order
1122-1951122-195Curve Rail Short$0.80Order
1122-1961122-196Curve Rail Short LH$0.80Order
1122-2241122-224Swivel Rail RH$0.60Order
1122-2341122-234O27 Fiber Track Pin$0.30Order
1127-0451127-45E Clip (C Clip) .170 ID$0.30Order
1129-0541129-54Screw for Pilot Truck Link Bar$0.60Order
1129-1281129-128Flywheel w/Encoder / Legacy$13.00Order
1129-4031129-403Cradle for Bell Bell Mount Lima Berkshire$6.00Order
112TTM 112TTM Carbon Brush with Shunt Spring and Cap$1.85Order
112TTM-0NS112TTM-NSCarbon Brush 3/8 in. x 5/32 in dia.$1.25Order
1130-0201130-20Rear Trailing Truck Sub 8040-015$11.00Order
1130-1501130-150Motor Pullmore PWC Berkshire W/Capacitors$60.00Order
113TTM113TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .150 dia.$1.50Order
1140-1051140-105Mother Board / Shay$14.00Order
1144-003SA1144 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 75W Reproduction (Trim to fit)$7.50Order
114TTMCarbon Brush 9/32 x .109 dia. Lionel HO, 65 Handcar AF Whistles$1.25Order
1150-2081150-208Gasket For Fan Housing Hard Fiber Replaces Rubber Gasket$2.00Order
1152-1001152-100Motor With Flywheel Lionmaster Challenger Front$28.00Order
1152-6001152-600Coupling Motor Drive$4.00Order
1154-4021154-402Bell / Brass / w/Magnet w/Yoke$5.40Order
115TTM115TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.25Order
116TTM116TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.50Order
1178-1621178-162Cherry Switch / 1A 120V$2.25Order
117TTM117TTMCarbon Brush 15/32 x .179 dia.$1.85Order
118L-011118L-11Fiber Shoulder Washer$0.50Order
118TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .156 dia.$1.85Order
11963Snow Plow Smoke Box Door (1)$1.20Order
119TTM119TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .188 dia.$1.85Order
1203-3011203-301Lamp GOW 12 Volt .122" Diameter$1.80Order
1203-4091203-409High Number Board Lighted RH #1225$12.00Order
1203-4101203-410High Number Board Lighted LH #1225$12.00Order
1206-1401206-140TETHER / 4-POS / PCB W/PLUG / DeWITT CLINTON$4.60Order
1207-0861207-86Stud .196" Diam x .800" LNTH$1.20Order
1207-2061207-206TRACTION TIRE / 1.00" ID x .050" TH x .118" WD$1.50Order
1209-2131209-213SIDE ROD / LEFT / VISION HUDSON / 6101209213$8.40Order
121TTM121TTMC. Brush 3/8 x .181 in dia. w/shunt$1.50Order
1224-1561224-156Ground Strap for Tender Truck E6 Atlantic & Others$2.80Order
1224-2261224-226FAN HOUSING / PLASTIC / VISION / LEGACY$2.00Order
1224-T021224T-02SHELL / TENDER / E-6 ATLANTIC PENN #460$90.00Order
1225-0541225-54Wheelset Driver #2 w/Gear Black E-6 ATL 6101225054$16.50Order
12507End Railing (1)$0.30Order
1255-1111255-111PCB / Firebox Flicker / 3 Pin w/Bracket$16.50Order
1255-1401255-140Eccentric Crank Assy LH USRA Mikado $12.50Order
1255-5161255-516Screw 4-40 x 5/16 Small Panhead Phillips Black$0.30Order
1257-0581257-58Tinplate Latch Style Coupler$6.00Order
1264-4011264-401Bell Yoke with Clapper Lever Down$2.00Order
1276-0101276-10Sound Board Smoking Diner K-Line MDK-079$11.00Order
1280-0721280-72LED on PCB for O Gauge and O72 Switch Machines$8.15Order
12851Bay Window Caboose Floor$2.25Order
12853Weight (1)$0.90Order
12855Smoke Jack (1)$0.50Order
12855-1Smoke Stack 'T' (1)$0.50Order
12857Brake Wheel and Stand (1)$1.25Order
12858Marker Light Housing (No Jewels) (1)$1.25Order
12859Antenna (1)$1.20Order
12861-2Markers 1.5mm (2 Red 2 green) $4.00Order
1309950' DD Box Door Small (6)$2.25Order
1315-1001315-100Motor With Flywheel And Gear Conventional Atlantic$30.00Order
1332-3391332-339Axle Bearing 610-1332-339$2.00Order
1334-0301334-30Gear / Worm Shaft / w/Bearings w/Coupling$12.50Order
1334-0331334-33Function Switches w/Harness PS4 Legacy$12.50Order
1334-6011334-601FRAME W/ BLACK WHEELS W/ WHITE WALLS / SRR #1393$180.00Order
1337-4041337-404Bell Cradle w/Number Board / EM-1 / B&O #7621 (Uses Bell 630-8050-402 sold separately)$7.40Order
1345-0011345-1Lead and Trailing Truck Bracket U Shape$7.50Order
1361-1181361-118Cluster Gear 12 X 28 Tooth$1.15Order
140Flat Handle Cap Plug 110V$2.95Order
1400350' FLAT/GON LOWER FRAME$2.25Order
1402-300Lamp Clear 12-14 v. Midget Screw Base Round Globe$1.50Order
1402-3011402-301Lamp Red For 46 and 47 Gate and Other Accesories$1.50Order
1433Coupler (4)$4.00Order
1435Freight Truck (2)$4.00Order
1442-303F1442-303FLamp Teardrop Frosted 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303P1442-303PTeardrop Bulb Pearl 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303W1442-303WLamp, Teardrop White 18 volt$2.50Order
1445-3001445-300Lamp Westinghouse USA Clear Bayonet Base Old 2026-58 / 151-51 18 v.$1.50Order
1445-3011445-301Lamp Red Translucent Bayonet Small Globe 18 Volt$1.50Order
1445-3021445-302Lamp Green Translucent Bayonet Small Globe 18 Volt$1.50Order
1447-3001447-300Lamp 18 v Screw Base Clear 752-9$1.25Order
1447-3011447-301Lamp 18 v. Red See Through$1.00Order
1447-3021447-302Lamp, 18 v.Green Clear See Through$1.00Order
1447-302A1447-302ALamp, 18 v.Green Opaque Non See Through$1.00Order
1447-3041447-304Lamp, 18 v. Amber$2.00Order
1449-3001449-300Lamp Clear 14 volt Screw Base Old 616-13$1.25Order
1449-3011449-301Lamp Red See Thru Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-301A1449-301ALamp Red Opaque Screw Base Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-3021449-302Lamp Clear Green$1.50Order
1449-302A1449-302ALamp Opaque Green$1.50Order
1456-3001456-300Lamp 18 v. Clear use 0433-300$1.00Order
145C-011145C-11Contactor Spring$0.50Order
145C-011145C-11Contactor Spring$0.50Order
1508-6501508-650Pilot / FA-2 / Black$15.50Order
153Enamel Dark Green 12oz$6.75Order
153C-001153C-1Contactor N.O.N.C. Contacts New$18.00Order
153R-MTHScaleTrax Infrared Track Activation Device (ITAD) $34.95Order
1550-003U1550-3UInner Straight Rail USED$1.00Order
1550-004U1550-4UOuter Curved Rail USED$1.00Order
155008FC50MMSpeaker Round 8 ohm 1 w$7.50Order
1555-005U1555-5UFrog Point USED$0.50Order
155B155BRoof Screw for 155 Freight Shed Brass$3.00Order
155N155NRoof Screw for 155 Frght Shd Nickel$3.00Order
156-Posters156-PostersSee 0256 section$0.00Order
15K-02015K-20Round Head Screw$0.20Order
15T016BC028YDSOSpeaker 2 in Round 16 Ohm .2 w for EP-5 Diners etc$7.50Order
1600-0141600-14Generator Stator Assy.$8.00Order
1600-0611600-61Brakewheel and Stand Assy$3.50Order
1600-0801600-80Tiedown W/Rings$1.10Order
1615-0101615-10Crosshead Guide$0.60Order
1615-0141615-14Coupler Brkt.$5.00Order
1615-0541615-54Coupler Head Assy.$5.50Order
1615-0621615-62Rivet .062 x .140$0.80Order
1615-0631615-63Lamp Bracket$3.75Order
1615-0711615-71Main Rod$2.50Order
1615-0801615-80Eccentric Rod$0.30Order
1615-0831615-83Crosshead $1.00Order
1615-0841615-84Crosshead Assy. R.H.$5.50Order
1615-0851615-85Crosshead Assy. L.H.$3.50Order
1615-0861615-86Valve Stem$1.20Order
1615-0871615-87Valve Gear Assy. RH$12.50Order
1615-0881615-88Valve Gear Assy. LH$12.50Order
1615-0931615-93Coupler Centering Spring$0.45Order
164-19B2-EXRed and Black Terminals To Repair Z4000 $10.00Order
1656-0071656-7Valve Gear Assy.RH$12.50Order
1656-0081656-8Valve Gear Assy LH$12.50Order
1656-M101656M-10Collector Assembly (No Markings)$19.50Order
1661-0071661-7Wheel, Pilot and Trailing$2.00Order
1661-007_1661-7_Wheel, Black Disc Medium$1.00Order
1661-0081661-8Axle for Pilot and Rear Truck$0.25Order
1661-0231661-23Rear Truck with Disc Wheels also For Front$8.00Order
1661-023S1661-23SRear Truck With Spoked Wheels$8.50Order
1661-0331661-33Slider Shoe$1.00Order
1661-0381661-38Axle for Pilot Truck. Use 1661-008$0.25Order
1661-23P1661-23PRear Truck, Plain$5.50Order
1661-23S1661-23SRear Truck, Spoked$5.50Order
1661-E191661E-19Whistle Brush and Spring Set$2.40Order
1661-E251661E-25Axle Bushing Prior to 1937$1.60Order
1661-E291661E-29Carbon Brush Shouldered Top$0.60Order
1661-E301661E-30Brush Spring$0.60Order
1661-E311661E-31Brush Holder$1.50Order
1661E-025aHeadlight Housing (Original Madison Hardware) $3.00Order
1664-E041664E-04Eccentric Rod$2.00Order
1664-E061664E-06Side Rod Short for Stamped Metal Motors 229 1664 $2.75Order
1664-E081664E-08Spacer Large$0.60Order
1664-E091664E-09Spacer Small$0.60Order
1664-E101664E-10Mainrod and Crosshead RH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E111664E-11Mainrod and Crosshead LH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E231664E-23Valve Gear Assy RH Use 1656-007$7.00Order
1664-E241664E-24Valve Gear Assy LH Use 1656-008$7.00Order
1664-E391664E-39Fillister Head Screw For 1684 etc Motor Mount$2.00Order
1664E1664EWheel Set No Counter Weight 258,1688,1689$28.00Order
1666-0161666-16Side Rod Large Holes New Lionel$2.50Order
1666-0891666-89Lionel Lines Plate for Metal Tender 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1666-E021666E-02Ornamental Whistle$0.95Order
1666-E061666E-06Rear Axle Clip$0.65Order
1666-E101666E-10Handrail Preformed$1.50Order
1666-E111666E-11Handrail Cotter Pin$0.25Order
1666-E141666E-14Front Truck Stud$0.55Order
1666-E151666E-15Valve Gear Screw$0.60Order
1666-E161666E-16Side Rod, LTI, Large Holes Use 1666-016$2.50Order
1666-E16L1666-E16LDrive Rod LH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E16R1666-E16RDrive Rod RH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E201666E-20Headlight Lens Clear Late$0.85Order
1666-E20A1666-E20AHeadlight Lens Early Long$1.20Order
1666-E251666E-25Rebuilt Motor Complete Ready-To-Run w/Eunit$75.00Order
1666-E291666E-29Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH Use 226E-052$6.75Order
1666-E831666E-83Crosshead Guide$1.50Order
1666-E841666E-84Eccentric Rod Pin$0.75Order
1666-E851666E-85Rear Truck (no bracket or drawbar) *Used original*$32.00Order
1666-M011666M-01Motor for 1947 Post on Center Whl New MH w/oEunit$75.00Order
1666-T041666T-04Tender Shell Repro w/Silver 'Lionel Lines' 1666, 6466 for Loco 2025/675$25.00Order
1666-T051666T-05Hand Rail Tender$2.50Order
1668-E091668E-09Side Rod 3 Hole$8.00Order
1668-E09A1668-E09ASide Rod O Gauge Thomas (690-1668-E09) Oval Center Hole$8.00Order
1668-E201668E-20O27 Pick Up for 221,1666,8 2026 etc.$10.00Order
1668-E211668E-21Gear Plate Assy *Limit 1 Per Order)$4.50Order
1668-E241668E-24Truck Screw Shouldered Black$1.25Order
1668-SP1668-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1668 Pr.$2.00Order
1668E-0201668E-20O27 Pick Up 3 3/4 In.$9.00Order
1668E-SP1668E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1668E Pr$2.00Order
1679-BRD1679-BRDBaby Ruth Door Unpainted$3.00Order
1679-BRG1679-BRGBaby Ruth Door Guide Unpainted$1.75Order
1681-E1681-EMain Rod Lionel Jr.$1.00Order
1681-E191681E-19Armature Bushing$2.50Order
1681-E261681E-26Collector Shoe, Repro$8.00Order
1681E-0261681E-26O27 Pick-Up 3 1/4 in$8.00Order
1684-0041684-4Rear Truck Bracket$3.50Order
1684-0121684-12Pilot Truck Repro$4.50Order
1684-0201684-20Side Rod RH$2.75Order
1684-0211684-21Side Rod LH$2.75Order
1684-0221684-22Side Rod Screw Small Shoulder 3-48 Thread$0.80Order
1684-0231684-23Main Rod and Crosshead assy RH$3.25Order
1684-0231684-23Main Rod and Crosshead RH$3.75Order
1684-0241684-24Main Rod and Crosshead LH$3.75Order
1684-0261684-26Side Rod Screw Large Shoulder$0.80Order
1684-23u1684-23uMain Rod and Crosshead Assy used $2.00Order
1688-CL11688C-L1Drawbar for Early Cast Motors 5 Bends$1.75Order
1688-E321688E-32Main Rod$1.20Order
1688-E361688E-36Shoulder Screw For plastic Shoes That Holds Rear Truck$0.60Order
1688-E391688E-39Front Truck Assy.1688 1689 289E 1668E 1681etc$4.50Order
1688-SP1688-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688 pr$4.00Order
1688-T081688T-08Hook Coupler Lionel Jr. Cars$1.00Order
1688E-SP1688E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688E Pair$4.00Order
1688T-0031688T-3Tender Drawbar$2.50Order
1689-E241689E-24Rear Truck Assy.1688 1689 etc$4.50Order
1689-E271689E-27Axle Repro 1656, 1689, 1666 Early 2026$2.50Order
1689-ESP1689-ESPSide Plate Lionel Lines 1689E Pr.$2.50Order
1689-SP1689-SPLionel Lines Plate for Met.Tend 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1689-T011689T-01Center Mount Roller Pick Up Complete for 1689T$3.00Order
1690-005B1690-5BHandrail 7/8 Inch Brass$1.00Order
1690-005N1690-5NHandrail Nickel 7/8 in Long$1.00Order
170002Tank Car Coupler$0.40Order
170003Coupler Cover (2)$0.35Order
17008Crane Boom Arm$2.25Order
1700W1700WWheel Set For 1700 Wind-up$26.00Order
17013Crane Windlass$2.25Order
17014Crane Friction Spring (3)$2.25Order
17019Crane Snatch Block$2.25Order
1707000-6-0 Firebox and Cab Light Circuit Board with LEDs$7.00Order
1712-0501712-50SCALE TRUCK / 70T W/ ROT CAP / NO COUPLER$13.50Order
1721-0101721-10Mickey Mouse Figure$2.50Order
1722-2801722-280Gold Binding Post (Nickel Finish Use 1011-078)$1.50Order
1725Smoke Fluid 1/4 FL OZ Bottle$2.00Order
1727-0351727-35Set Load with Crates Drums Skids I Beams and Pipes Brown 1 Set$3.00Order
1728-0051728-5Drive Over for Under Track Molded Brown$2.50Order
1776-0081776-8Window Shell$1.00Order
1776-0121776-12Nose Decal Presidential Seal and SCL$2.00Order
1776-0161776-16Front Windshield$0.90Order
1776-0171776-17Rear Lens$0.35Order
1776-0181776-18Front Lens$0.50Order
1776-0201776-20Side Rail RH Blk$2.50Order
1776-0211776-21Side Rail LH Blk$2.50Order
1776-0251776-25Radiator Cover$4.05Order
17903SL Diner Window Set$3.00Order
180001Truck Pin (2)$0.25Order
180004Hatch Set (8)$0.75Order
180008P-CH Coupler$0.40Order
180009P-CH Coupler Covers (2)$0.30Order
1800114 Bay Hopper Chassis (P-CH)$2.00Order
1808-0151808-15SMOKE STACK / N5B / BLACK W/ DEFLECTOR$4.65Order
1808-0501808-50SCALE TRK / CBS / W/ CPLR & COLL (CPLR 2.05") N5B$16.95Order
1809-0101809-10Truck Frame$1.00Order
1809-0141809-14Trolley Roof Red$1.60Order
1809-0251809-25Bumper for Trolley Black$2.00Order
1809-0271809-27Bumper Spring$1.20Order
1809-0401809-40Circuit Board W/Switch$8.00Order
1809-0541809-54Trolley Roof Window Long$0.20Order
1809-0551809-55Plastic Gear$1.00Order
1809-0901809-90Lamp Base and Switch Cover$0.50Order
1809-1541809-154Trolley Roof Window$0.20Order
1809-1551809-155Circuit Board With 1 Clear L.E.D.$2.00Order
1809-5071809-507Motor With Gear$6.00Order
1809-5101809-510Ground Strap$0.10Order
1809-5151809-515Screw 2X1/8 in.$0.30Order
1815-3001815-30012-14 Volt Clear Bayonet Base Elongated Globe Made in England$1.00Order
1835-BNP1835-BNPNumber Plate, 1835E$1.50Order
183BK183BK2 Prong Plug for Transformer Cord Rubber Outside$4.00Order
1850092-Bay Offset Hopper Coupler Covers (2)$0.30Order
1862-0041862-4Stud for Front Truck General$0.30Order
1862-0061862-6Front Truck Frame$1.75Order
1862-0071862-7Lever Frt.Trk.$0.60Order
1862-0081862-8Wheel for Front Truck$0.50Order
1862-0091862-9Spring Front Truck$1.50Order
1862-0171862-17Drive Rod$4.00Order
1862-0181862-18Piston Rod$3.40Order
1862-0191862-19Worm Wheel LTD$6.50Order
1862-0231862-23Front truck Orig Used LTD$15.00Order
1862-023A1862-23AFront Truck Complete New Lionel 8701-023$13.00Order
1862-0291862-29Axle Swedged (Knurled)$3.25Order
1862-0301862-30Large Band$3.00Order
1862-0371862-37Axle Bushing$1.00Order
1862-0401862-40Lantern Black $5.00Order
1862-040G1862-40GLantern Black w/Gold Ring Original MH (Limit 1 Per Order)$7.50Order
1862-0411862-41Steam Dome Molded Gold$3.20Order
1862-0421862-42Ornamental Whistle Black$2.00Order
1862-0451862-45Bell Stanchion Dull Gold for Generals$4.60Order
1862-0461862-46Sand Dome Molded Gold / Stanchion$4.60Order
1862-0531862-53Tender Frame$6.00Order
1862-068A1862-68ASmoke Stack No SU Black For General repo$7.50Order
1862-068C1862-68CSmoke Stack Only Black For General repo$7.50Order
1862-0691862-69Lamp Bracket$2.00Order
1862-0931862-93Cowcatcher Molded Red$12.00Order
1862-0941862-94Twin Piston Black Complete w/Piston Rods $13.50Order
1862-0971862-97Collector Roller$1.00Order
1862-1001862-100Motor Dual Wound Field Sub Motor 8701-100$55.00Order
1862-1131862-113Long Shoulder Screw 3-48 Thread Hex Head$1.00Order
1862-1141862-114Short Shoulder Screw 3-48 Hex Head$1.00Order
1863-0171863-17Lens and Number Board #2383 on Boards$2.40Order
1863-1271863-127Window Rear and Number Board #2383 on Boards$3.10Order
1865-0041865-4Ventilator sub 9551-044$1.00Order
1865-0081865-8Wire Truss$1.00Order
1865-0101865-10Brakewheel For General Style Cars$1.00Order
1872-0281872-28Full Band$2.50Order
1872-0291872-29Small Band$2.50Order
1872-0301872-30Large Band (LTD)$2.50Order
1872-0421872-42Steam Pipe Black$0.75Order
1872-0491872-49Valve Stem Black For Generals$1.00Order
1872-0611872-61Smoke Stack Black 1 per customer $7.50Order
1872-0631872-63Smoke Stack Screen Cover Black Use 8005-060$2.75Order
1874Smoke Unit, Large Pre 1990$20.00Order
1875-0051875-5Eyelet Brass$0.40Order
1875-0711875-71Centering Spring$1.00Order
1877-0041877-4Wire Brace for 1877 & 1887 ETC Flatcars$1.20Order
1877-0051877-5long brown fence $1.50Order
1877-0061877-6short brown fence $1.00Order
1877-0101877-10White Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1877-0111877-11Black Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1877-0121877-12Brown Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1895Valve Gear Assy. LH$4.00Order
1896Valve Gear Assy. RH$4.00Order
1899Tender Truck Frame (2)$1.00Order
190005Caboose End$0.25Order
19057ACF Weight$3.00Order
192R-001192R-1Small Gear for Rotary Shaft (6-32988)$15.00Order
1943-T401943T-40Circus Sound PCB Replaces 8034-010$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40PCB Circus Sound Board$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40Circus Sound PCB Replaces 8034-010$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40PCB Circus Sound Board$12.50Order
1946-0101946-10Mickey Figure From 2004 Christmas Set Caboose$6.50Order
1960-0101960-10Santa's Bell for Polar Express Set$7.50Order
1970-0061970-6Post W/ Socket, Metal$3.50Order
1970-014I1970-14IInsulator for Lamp Connector Assy.$1.00Order
1970-0151970-15Palnut 8/32 Zinc Silver Color For Station Roofs$0.90Order
1994-1Front Truck Cover Plate (Frame)$1.00Order
1CL0470UHNCapacitor 50V 470uF YXA 105 Degree C 04/99(m)$0.10Order
1DC1X80KENAFBNResistor Striped Brown Gray Red Gold$0.50Order
1DW0030HENAKBT32 Ohm Ceramic Smoke Resistor Orn Blk Blk Gld Stripe$6.00Order
1N5408-TPDiode REC 3A 1000V DO201AD$5.00Order
1NBDDBRB153Bridge Rectifier DC RB153$1.50Order
1UYTARBN5MMLRed 2 Pin LED$1.50Order
1UYWARBN5MMLYellow LED Flashing 5 MM$1.50Order
2 56 x 1/2 f2 56 x 1/2 fscrew flat head brass slotted$0.25Order
2 56 x 1/4f2 56 x 1/4fscrew flat head brass slotted$0.25Order
2-56 NUT2-56 NUTHex Machine Nut Zinc Plated 2-56 Thread$0.30Order
2-56 NUTB2-56 NUTBHex Machine Nut Brass 2-56 Thread$0.40Order
2-56 x 1/4 FIHScrew Fillister Head Brass Slotted$0.25Order
2-56 x 1/8 FIHScrew Stainless Fillister Head Slotted$0.30Order
2-56 x 1/8 RHBScrew Round Head Brass Slotted$0.25Order
2-56 x 3/16 PHScrew Pan Head Slotted Brass$0.25Order
2-56 x 3/16 RHScrew Round Head Black$0.25Order
2-56 x 3/16 RHBScrew Round Head Brass Slotted$0.25Order
2-56 X 3/8 RH2-56 X 3/8 RHRound Head Machine Screw Black 2-56 X 3/8$0.35Order
2-56 X 5/16 RHB2-56 X 5/16 RHBScrew Round Head Brass$0.35Order
2-56x1/4 PHPHZ2-56x1/4 PHPHZPan Head Phillips Machine Screw Zinc Plated$0.50Order
2-56x1/4RHSB2-56x1/4RHSBScrew 2-56x1/4 Round Head Slotted Brass$0.50Order
20-05020-50KW Transformer Nameplate$4.00Order
20-2297Smoke Unit for 20-2297-1 Use AA-0000057$50.00Order
20-89020Proto-Sound 3.0 6-Pin Wireless Drawbar Set 1 / Contains 3 Drawbar Sizes: 25mm, 30mm, 45mm$29.95Order
200/500B200/500BBrakewheel 2 Piece Brass$2.00Order
200/500N200/500NBrakewheel 2 Pc. Nickle$2.00Order
200/500SB200/500SBBrakewheel Stanchion Brass 0212-004B$2.00Order
200/500SN200/500SNBrakewheel Stanchion Nickle 0212-004N$1.50Order
2000-0272000-27Track Pin Brass$0.50Order
2007-1012007-101Controller Cover$1.75Order
2007-1042007-104Controller Lens Red$0.80Order
2007-2002007-200Switch Controller for G Gauge, Also 6-23010 and 6-23011 O Gauge$15.00Order
2012-3002012-300PCB / LED / FOR PLUG N PLAY FLOODLIGHT TOWER 6-82013$20.00Order
2014-0152014-15Pin, FasTrack Center Rail$0.75Order
2015-0252015-25Pin, FasTrack Outside Rail$0.75Order
2016Tender Truck Frame$1.00Order
2016-0102016-10Lift Handle Assortment Black$2.20Order
2017-0602017-60Swivel Rail Link Fastrack$3.50Order
2017-0842017-84Signal Bracket for Fastrack Switch$2.15Order
2017-0942017-94Red Signal and Arm Assy for Fastrack Switch$4.25Order
2018Tender Truck Wheel, Set of 4$2.00Order
2018-0542018-54Steam Chest Reproduction$30.00Order
2020-M092020M-09Solder Lug$0.50Order
2020-M332020M-33Carbon Brush Shouldered$1.00Order
2020-M342020M-34Brush Spring$0.75Order
2021Loco Coupler$0.49Order
2023-0102023-10Marker Lens R.H.Original LTD$4.00Order
2023-0112023-11Marker Lens L.H. Original$4.00Order
2023-0122023-12UP Nose Decal Water Sol$2.25Order
2023-0222023-22Collector Assy With Shoe No Wires LTD$25.00Order
2023-0342023-34Horn Repro LTD$28.50Order
2023-0362023-36Relay Bracket$10.50Order
2023-0372023-37Relay Insulation$0.80Order
2023-0382023-38Battery Cover No Letters$1.25Order
2023-0412023-41Collector Arm W/Roller$5.00Order
2023-0432023-43Collector Roller $1.10Order
2023-0442023-44Collector Roller Pin$0.50Order
2023-0582023-58Alco Rear Step$2.50Order
2023-0592023-59Truck Step$1.50Order
2023-0662023-66Washer and Eyelet with 5 inch Lead$1.00Order
2023-0792023-79Coupler Head$2.75Order
2023-0812023-81Running Light Use 8304-018 Cut to Fit$1.00Order
2023-0822023-82Window Shell$6.00Order
2023-0912023-91Switch Arm Bent$0.60Order
2023-0992023-99Coupler Head$2.75Order
2023-1032023-103Washer and Eyelet with 12 inch Lead$1.25Order
2023-1172023-117Brass Idler Gear$5.00Order
2023-117BBrass Idler Gear Undersized Center Hole Drill to fit$8.00Order
2023-5362023-536Speaker With Plug / 40MM Round / Baby Fat Boy / Sawmill 6-82023 / 680-2023-536$8.00Order
2023-SDB2023-SDBSide Lettering Set for 2023 Black Sticker$2.25Order
2023-SDR2023-SDRSide Lettering Set for 2023 Red Sticker No Nose$2.25Order
2026-0082026-8Smoke Unit Housing w/New Element$35.00Order
2026-0142026-14Motor Mounting Pin$1.00Order
2026-0172026-17Front Truck Plate Complete with Socket$5.00Order
2026-0252026-25Drawbar Repro$1.75Order
2026-0282026-28Crosshead Guide$1.25Order
2026-0402026-40Valve Gear Assy. RH Repro$7.75Order
2026-0412026-41Valve Gear Assy. LH Repro$7.75Order
2026-0442026-44Smoke Unit Piston Return Spring$0.50Order
2026-0452026-45Side Rod Screw 4-40 Hex Head$1.00Order
2026-045A2026-45ASide Rod Screw 3-48 Thread Hex Head$1.00Order
2026-0462026-46Center Wheel Screw Hex Head$0.60Order
2026-0532026-53Wire and Washer 8 1/4 in Lead$1.25Order
2026-054a2026-54aSteamchest New Reproduction For Smoke$35.00Order
2026-054e2026-54eSteamchest 49 Closed Back No Smoke (Diecast)$25.00Order
2026-0582026-58Bulb 18 Volt Westinghouse USA Clear Small Globe Bayonet Base #1445$1.50Order
2026-0682026-68Smoke Lever and Piston Repro$9.00Order
2026-0692026-69Smoke Crank and Lever Orig.$4.00Order
2026-0882026-88Smoke Heater Assy Pill Type Use 0671-225$8.00Order
2026-1072026-107Axle Bearing$1.00Order
2026-1202026-120Washer Fiber$0.70Order
2026-1222026-122Axle for Drive Wheels 226E-95 in breakdown (Misprint in Manual)$1.00Order
2026-M022026M-02Smoke Lever$3.00Order
2026-M042026M-04O27 Pick Up for 2211666 1668 2026 etc. use 1668-E20$9.00Order
2026-M362026M-36Male Plug Assy Sub 8306-140$6.00Order
2028-1002028-100Motor Complete New Use 8332-150$50.00Order
2029-0162029-16Smoke Unit Cover Black Plastic$1.60Order
2031-LEN2031-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2032-0112032-11Number Lens LH$3.00Order
2032-0122032-122032 Erie Nose Decal Yellow and Black Water Sol$3.00Order
2032-012A2032-12A2032 Erie Nose Dec Yel Water Sol$3.00Order
2032-LEN2032-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2032-SAD2032-SAD2032 Erie Decal Set Stickers 2 Nose 2 each Erie and Lionel Squares$5.00Order
2032-WSDA2032-WSDA2032 Erie Set Nose and Sides Yellow Water Sol$5.00Order
2033-LEN2033-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2034-0092034-9Lamp Bracket$3.50Order
2034-1082034-108Bearing Plate New Original$6.00Order
2034-1262034-126Collector Shoe Complete$9.00Order
2034-1402034-140Switch Arm$0.50Order
2034-1502034-150Plain Wheel$1.10Order
2035-0062035-6Screw Eccentric Crank 4-40 x 5/8$0.60Order
2035-0142035-14Rear Truck$7.50Order
2035-1062035-106Side Rod Screw 4-40 Thread$0.80Order
2035-119R2035-119RIntermediate Gear/Lrg Brass Repro$10.50Order
2035-1282035-1282ND Intermediate Gear$6.50Order
2035-1292035-129Plain Center Wheel Half Moon New Old Stock$3.00Order
2035-1322035-132Brushplate Assy With No Springs Repro$15.00Order
2035-1402035-140Collector Roller (use with Roller Pin 2328-096)$2.50Order
2035-1412035-141Collector Arm$1.25Order
2035-1422035-142Roller and Bracket$8.50Order
2035-1672035-167Thrust Washer$0.50Order
2035-1722035-172Plain Center Wheel New Style$3.00Order
2035-1842035-184Smoke Lever and Plunger$9.00Order
2035-3002035-300Red LED For Fastrack Lighted Bumper$1.50Order
2036-0102036-10Trailing Truck 4 Wheel$8.00Order
2036-0162036-16Truck Frame$6.00Order
2036-0182036-18Shoulder Screw Long For Center Wheel$0.85Order
2036-0222036-22Screw Rear Truck Mount Old 1668E-024$1.25Order
2036-1032036-103Axle Bearing RH$2.00Order
2036-1122036-112Roller Pickup Assy Complete$11.00Order
2036-1222036-122Roller and Bracket Assy Repro$3.50Order
2036-1232036-123Roller Bracket$0.50Order
2036-1242036-124Roller Pin LTD$1.25Order
2036-1442036-144Plain End Wheel Orig Unused$5.50Order
2036-1542036-154Center Wheel$5.00Order
2036-1572036-157Brush Spring PAIR (original 1 pair per order) $4.00Order
2036-157R2036-157RBrush Spring Repro (1 Spring)$0.75Order
2036-1642036-164Screw 6-32 x 1/4 Pan Head Phillips$0.50Order
2037-1012037-101Pier #1 Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2037-1022037-102Pier #2 Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2037-1032037-103Pier #3 Fastrak Trestle$2.00Order
2037-1042037-104Pier #4 Fastrak Trestle$2.00Order
2037-1052037-105Pier #5 Fastrak Trestle$2.50Order
2037-1062037-106Pier #6 Fastrak Trestle$2.50Order
2037-1072037-107Pier #7 Fastrak Trestle$3.00Order
2037-1082037-108Pier #8 Fastrak Trestle$3.00Order
2037-1092037-109Pier #9 Fastrak Trestle$3.50Order
2037-1102037-110Pier #10 Fastrak Trestle$3.50Order
2037-1152037-115Pin Spacer for Fastrak Trestle$0.50Order
2037-1172037-117Bracket Track Mounting for Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2045-0572045-57Lantern Assy Complete Fastrack$2.75Order
2045-0692045-69Roadbed Filler Straight Fastrack Remote Switch$1.00Order
2045-0702045-70Roadbed Filler Curved Fastrack Remote Switch$1.00Order
2045-1002045-100Motor Complete With Gear For FasTrack Remote Switches$6.00Order
2045-1262045-126Remote Switch Stand with LED for FasTrack Switches Prewired$6.50Order
2045-2112045-211Controller Cable 4 Conductor 6 foot Section for FasTrack$9.00Order
2045-2132045-213Cable Clamp$0.40Order
2045-3002045-300LED for Fastrack Switch$3.00Order
2045-3512045-351Cherry Switch for FasTrack Remote Switch and Others$3.50Order
2046-0132046-13Boiler Front Black Complete$12.00Order
2046-0222046-22Front Truck Assy. Repro$8.00Order
2046-0252046-25Wheel Use 8040-010$2.00Order
2046-0272046-27Conical Spring For Pilot Truck$0.90Order
2046-0282046-28Front Truck Pivot Screw$1.30Order
2046-0292046-29Drive Stud$0.75Order
2046-0302046-30Reverse Unit Bracket$0.50Order
2046-0352046-35Main Rod$0.40Order
2046-0362046-36Rod Eccentric$1.50Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Piston Assy.$9.00Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Lever and Piston Assy$6.50Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Lever and Piston Assy$6.50Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Piston Assy.$9.00Order
2046-0442046-44Ash Pan No Stud Use Stud 2055-050$1.25Order
2046-0472046-47Piston Rod$1.00Order
2046-0552046-55Drawbar Use 6026-007$3.00Order
2046-0602046-60Smoke Unit Crank$0.90Order
2046-0622046-62Valve Gear Pin$1.50Order
2046-0632046-63Valve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy RH for Postwar$6.75Order
2046-063A2046-63AValve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy RH LTI Shorter Crank than Postwar$8.00Order
2046-0642046-64AValve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy LH Postwar$6.75Order
2046-064A2046-64Valve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy LH Shorter Crank than Postwar$8.00Order
2046-0652046-65Crosshead Assy Nickel Plated Arm RH$4.00Order
2046-065O2046-65OCrosshead Assy Original Zinc Coated Arm RH MH$6.00Order
2046-0712046-71Crosshead. Assy. Nickel Plated Arm L.H.$4.00Order
2046-071B2046-71BCrosshead Assy New Style LH$4.50Order
2046-071O2046-71OCrosshead Assy Original Zinc Coated Arm LH MN$6.00Order
2046-0882046-88Ashpan W/Trk Stud$3.50Order
2046-1202046-120Spring Rivet$0.25Order
2046-71a2046-71aCrosshead. Assy. L.H.$4.00Order
2046-RBK2046-RBKRelay Bracket for Tender Frame$2.25Order
2046-WSD2046-WSDLionel Lines White Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDA2046-WSDAPennsyl. White Water Sol Decal Pair 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDB2046-WSDBPennsyl. Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDS2046-WSDSLionel Lines Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2047-1502047-150Fastrack Extension 1 3/8 in No Rdbed Edge$3.99Order
2047-3502047-350Fastrack Extension 1 3/8 in W/1 Rdbed Edge$3.99Order
2049-0062049-6Swivel Rail LH O72 Fastrak$1.50Order
2049-0082049-8Swivel Rail RH O72 Fastrak$1.50Order
2052-0152052-15Socket with Harness for Flasher$5.00Order
2052-0202052-20Base for Flasher Signal$0.50Order
2053-0012053-1FasTrack Accessory Power Wire / Length 26" / 6-12053$5.79Order
2055-0102055-10Engine Handrail$1.20Order
2055-0192055-19Eccentric Crank$0.95Order
2055-0202055-20Crosshead Guide and Plate$10.00Order
2055-0212055-21Crosshead Brkt$1.75Order
2055-0242055-24Crosshead Guide RH$1.00Order
2055-0252055-25Crosshead Guide LH$0.60Order
2055-0302055-30Valve Gear Assy$18.50Order
2055-0322055-32Eccentric Crank$0.85Order
2055-0352055-35Valve Stem$0.50Order
2055-0362055-36Combo Lever$2.00Order
2055-0372055-37Valve Gear Screw$1.60Order
2055-0432055-43Truck Side Die Cast Metal Looks Like Orig$1.50Order
2055-0452055-45Truck Frame and Drawbar Assy. No Sides or Wheels$9.00Order
2055-0502055-50Truck Stud$1.50Order
2055-0522055-52Truck Stud $1.00Order
2055-0552055-55Rear Truck Bracket$7.00Order
2055-0562055-56Rear Truck Mounting Bracket$1.30Order
2055-0652055-65Mainrod and Crosshead Assy. RH$4.50Order
2055-065O2055-65OMainrod and Crosshead Assy. RH Original NOS Cadmium $4.75Order
2055-0672055-67Spacer for Side Rod$0.75Order
2055-0702055-70Mainrod and Crosshead Assy. LH$3.50Order
2055-070O2055-70OMainrod and Crosshead Assy. LH Original NOS Cadmium $4.75Order
2055-0782055-78Smoke Lever,orig$3.00Order
2055-0842055-84Lamp Lead Assy 4 in.$1.50Order
2055-0922055-92Headless Drive Stud$0.75Order
2055-0932055-93Eccentric Crank Screw 4-40 X 9/16$0.50Order
2055-1102055-110Pole Piece, LH$0.75Order
2055-1152055-115Collector Assy. MPC Style$11.80Order
2058-0062058-6Swivel Rail LH Fastrak 060 RH Switch$1.50Order
2058-2192058-219Switchbase Assy RH 060 Fastrak Switch No Swivels$12.00Order
2062-0162062-16PROP / BLK 1.5" / GRADE CROSSING GATE$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16Prop / Grade Crossing Gate / Black 1.5" (610-2062-016)$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16PROP / BLK 1.5" / GRADE CROSSING GATE$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16Prop / Grade Crossing Gate / Black 1.5" (610-2062-016)$1.50Order
2062-1532062-153SCREW / 1.6 mm x 4.0 mm x .35 thd silver$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153Screw / 1.6 mm X 4.0 mm X .35 thd Nickel (610-2062-153)$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153SCREW / 1.6 mm x 4.0 mm x .35 thd silver$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153Screw / 1.6 mm X 4.0 mm X .35 thd Nickel (610-2062-153)$0.30Order
2065-0132065-13Boilerfront Complete LTD$20.00Order
2065-016R2065-16RRunning Light Lens (Red Only)$0.85Order
2100-0122100-12Hand Rail for Pilot$0.50Order
2100-0242100-24Boiler Front Complete with Bell 2100 on Number Boards$20.00Order
2101-0012101-1Large Scale Lock-On Complete Sub LGB 50160$16.99Order
2102-0192102-19Rail Joiner Brass$0.30Order
2103-2562103-256COIL COUPLER / MNT B / LENGTH: 2.03" / NO CONN. / 610-2103-256$10.00Order
2108-0012108-1Manumatic Uncoupler$4.00Order
2110-0292110-29Tie Channel for Trestles Plastic O & O-27$1.80Order
2115-0012115-1DC Sound Activation Button$15.00Order
2117-0022117-2Base for Auto Block Target$3.00Order
2117-0052117-5Base (Black)$1.75Order
2117-0072117-7Post (Silver)$0.75Order
2117-0202117-20Ladder (Block Signal)$5.00Order
2122-0542122-54Tank Car Dome Cover Green$2.00Order
21251Truck, 50 Ton,Spring Plankless$3.75Order
2126-0032126-3Platform For Whistle Shed$2.50Order
2126-0452126-45Motor Retainer$5.00Order
2126-0502126-50Motor For Whistle$5.40Order
2126-0512126-51Impeller for Whistle$1.10Order
2126-0522126-52Whistle Motor Mtg Plate$3.60Order
2127-0032127-3Platform Tan For Freight Shed$5.00Order
2127-0072127-7Door White$1.00Order
2127-0182127-18Window Frame$0.50Order
2127-0452127-45Retainer Clip$2.00Order
2129-0122129-12Window Frame (Brown)$0.50Order
2129-0152129-15Large Freight Door (Brown)$1.00Order
2129-0402129-40Lamp Lead Assy. 5 1/2 Inch$1.25Order
2131-0552131-55Propeller Blue For LCCA Airplane$1.80Order
2138-0552138-55Propeller Orange For LCCA Airplane$1.50Order
2145-0902145-90Lamp Brkt. and Socket Assy.$1.50Order
2145-0912145-91Lamp Spring$0.40Order
2145-2402145-240Crossing Sign Base Plastic$1.00Order
2150-0052150-5Telephone Pole Base $0.20Order
2151-0032151-3Semaphore Flag$2.00Order
2151-0072151-7Flag Housing$0.50Order
2151-0082151-8Spacer Channel$1.00Order
2151-0102151-10Bulb Cover$0.50Order
2151-0202151-20Bottom Plate$0.75Order
2151-0352151-35Screw 6 x 5/16$0.40Order
2163-0052163-5Base Red Ox.$2.00Order
2170-0042170-4Post (Green)$1.00Order
2170-0062170-6Socket Retainer$0.90Order
2170-06A2170-6ASocket Retainer,Pin Lamp Type$1.00Order
2170-3502170-350Bulb and Socket$1.80Order
2170-350_2170-350_Lamp and Socket$1.20Order
2175-0452175-45Nylon Line Sold by the Foot$0.10Order
2175BH-O Gauge Track and Wire Cutter $17.75Order
2181-0502181-50Telephone Pole No Base$1.50Order
2196-0552196-55Female Connector Red$2.10Order
2199-0152199-15Hopper Load White$1.40Order
22006Bettendorf Truck, Gray (2)$2.50Order
2206Printed Circuit Board$1.50Order
221T-WSD221T-WSDNYC W/Stripes for 221T Water Sol Silver Pair$6.00Order
221T-WSD221T-WSDNYC W/Stripes for 221T Water Sol Silver Pair$6.00Order
2224-T042224T-04Handrail Top of Tender$0.90Order
2224-W72224W-7Tender Drawbar Twist End 2.25 Inch Long Before Twist$1.50Order
2227-T072227T-07Hand Rail$1.00Order
2227-T092227T-09Deck Rail$0.70Order
2227-T122227T-12Rear Step$0.70Order
2227-T152227T-15Back up Light Housing Die Cast with Lens$12.00Order
2227-T162227T-16Lamp Lens$2.00Order
2227-T362227T-36Male Plug & 6" Black Wire Repro$5.50Order
2235-T072235T-07Tender Drawbar Twist End$1.50Order
2240-WSD2240-WSDWabash Nose Decal Water Sol Follow the Flag$2.00Order
2243-0082243-8Number Board Blank MPC Use for RH or LH LTD$1.25Order
2243-0872243-87Top Plate$10.00Order
2243-0902243-90Coupler Head$4.00Order
2243-1692243-169Truck Stud Nickel Plated$1.50Order
2243-1852243-185New B Unit Shell Unpainted Original NOS$50.00Order
2243-1902243-190Centering Spring$0.90Order
2245-8/102245-8/10Number Board Set, Repro$3.00Order
2245-WSD2245-WSDTexas Special Katy Decal Set R&L Water Sol.$6.00Order
224E-006224E-6Drawbar Long Nickel$2.50Order
224E-007224E-7Rivet Pilot Truck, Etc.$0.30Order
224E-012224E-12Eccentric Rod Assy Repro RH$6.75Order
224E-013224E-13Eccentric Rod Assy Repro LH$6.75Order
224E-018224E-18Pilot Truck W/ no Lamp Bracket Assy $18.00Order
224E-018A224E-18APlate and Lamp Bracket Assy only$4.00Order
224E-021A224E-21ARear Bracket and Short Drawbar Only$4.00Order
224E-085224E-85Drawbar Short Black 5 Bends$2.50Order
224E-090224E-90Pick Up Shoe Complete Repro$16.00Order
224E-101224E-101Brush Spring *Use 1661-E30*$0.30Order
224E-NP224E-NPNumber Plate for 224E, Blk Pair$2.00Order
2257-0072257-7Caboose Frame Used$2.00Order
225E-003225E-3Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.75Order
225E-005225E-5Bearing Cap$1.10Order
225E-008225E-8Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy L.H.$3.75Order
225E-008UMainrod and Crosshead, Used$3.00Order
2260-0202260-20Hex Screw$0.30Order
2260-0252260-25Screw 4 x 1/4 Black$0.40Order
226E-003Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.50Order
226E-008226E-3Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.50Order
226E-008226E-8Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.50Order
226E-010226E-10Center Gear Wheel$3.00Order
226E-012226E-12Side Rod RH with Emboss$2.00Order
226E-012U226E-12USide Rod RH with Emboss$1.50Order
226E-013226E-13Combo Lever L.H.$1.50Order
226E-015226E-15Drive Rod Only RH$3.00Order
226E-018226E-18Valve Stem, Valve Rod$3.00Order
226E-019226E-19Eccentric Crank$1.20Order
226E-021226E-21Trailing Truck Axle$0.50Order
226E-022226E-22Eccentric Valve Gear LH$7.00Order
226E-024226E-24Truck Frame Only$3.50Order
226E-028226E-28Spacer For Side Rod$1.00Order
226E-033226E-33Shoulder Screw For Valve Gear$0.75Order
226E-037226E-37Screw Eccentric Crank 3-48 X 5/8 Phillips Flat Head$1.25Order
226E-049226E-49Collector Spring$0.80Order
226E-051226E-51Combo Lever R.H.$1.50Order
226E-052226E-52Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH$7.00Order
226E-052_226E-52_Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH$6.75Order
226E-053U226E-53USide Rod L.H. with Emboss, Used$1.50Order
226E-054226E-54Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy. L.H.$3.50Order
226E-062226E-62Brushplate Assy No Springs *USE 8702-132*$7.50Order
226E-073226E-73Side Rod R or L$2.00Order
226E-073A226E-73ASide Rod Used orig$2.00Order
226E-077226E-77Brush Spring$0.40Order
226E-090226E-90Collector Pivot$2.00Order
226E-091226E-91Collector Shoe Original$18.00Order
226E-092226E-92Carbon Brush *USE 0622-121*$0.60Order
226E-095226E-95Axle for Trailing Truck *USE 226E-021*$0.50Order
226E-095A226E-95ADrive Wheel Axle *USE 1689-E27*$0.60Order
226E-202226E-202Gear Center Wheel Assy$15.00Order
226E-WHL226E-WHLBaldwin Disc for 224, 225, 226, etc Set of 6$100.00Order
226T-003226T-3Coal Pile Molded Black $12.00Order
226T-005226T-5Tender Drawbar Twist End 2.75 Inch Long Before Twist$1.25Order
2282-0202282-20Bumper Base Assy.$0.80Order
2290-0102290-10Center Rail Contact$0.75Order
2290-0172290-17Side Contact$0.75Order
2290-0202290-20Lamp Red Midget Screw Base 12 Volt$1.00Order
229M-007229M-7Collector Assy Also Replaces 1661-33 Slider Shoes with Modification$5.00Order
23001-Pr 6 Axle Loco 1-3/16 Driveshafts w/Wormgears$12.50Order
2300-021Bracket Pivot Axle$0.30Order
2300-023Oil Drum Aluminum For AF And Lionel Drum Loader$1.80Order
2300-055AOil Drum and Log Loader Figure Black No Pegs$1.50Order
2300-101Motor Bracket for Drum Loader$1.50Order
2300-110Mounting Plate$3.00Order
2300-111Stud Drive Arm Pivot$0.50Order
2300-112Mounting Plate$1.00Order
2300-120Linkage Assy$5.60Order
2300-123Shoulder Rivet$0.70Order
2300-131Truck Drive Arm$1.00Order
2300-132Pivot Pin$0.30Order
2300-134Drive Shaft $1.10Order
2300-210Axle for Rear Wheel$0.20Order
2300-212Pivot Stud$1.50Order
2300-213Axle Front$0.25Order
2300-214Fork Pivot Shaft$0.15Order
2300-216Tru-Arc Ring$1.00Order
2301-0032301-3Window Saw Mill$2.00Order
2301-0102301-10Terminal Clip$0.50Order